Spotlight on “Dazzle Dry” (Review)



Dazzle Dry Nail Systems promise to give you gorgeous nails at home…with their unique Dazzle Dry Top coat, base coat, nail lacquers and their nail prep you can expect beautiful, quality, dazzling nails.

It’s a Glam Thing sent The IE Mommy a fun nail kit to review. The kit contained the following:

  • A Bottle of Nail Prep: “Sanitizes and prepares the nail for lasting adhesion of nail polish on natural nails promoting longer lasting manicures and pedicures. Dazzle Dry Nail Prep removes natural nail oils while nourishing the nail with beneficial moisture, calcium, vitamin B5 and hydrolyzed protein achieving supreme quality in nail care.”
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  • A Bottle of Base Coat for Natural nails: “Specially formulated for natural nails to help keep the polish lasting longer. It is not recommended for use on acrylic or artificial nails.”
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  • A Bottle of Base Coat in gorgeous, rich red color:Fast drying! High shine! Dazzle Dry nail colors; nitrocellulose free, toluene free, formaldehyde free, phthalate free, plus UV protection for long lasting color. Beautiful colors, Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers, perfect for acrylic nail polish and natural nail polish.”
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  • A Bottle of Top Coat: “A revolutionary non-yellowing, toluene free, formaldehyde free and phthalate free high gloss topcoat that quickly dries to the touch. Dazzle Dry Top Coat also contains a UV screen to help protect nails.”
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When I worked in the jewelry industry…the need to have your nails manicured, polished and perfect was a complete and total must. You could lose a sale if your nails did not look beautiful. Who wants to buy jewelry from a person who has chipped nail polish? It was  a definite deal breaker.

Even when I worked in an office environment… it was something that I enjoyed doing for myself…a little bit of pampering that made me feel very “put together”.

Once I became a mom the story changed. When you are changing diapers, cleaning house and bottles, caring for home and children…well, your nail polish takes a licking and doesn’t keep on ticking.

My nail polish was always chipped and cracked so after a while I just didn’t paint them anymore. I chose to have natural nails rather then worrying about having to do my nails over and over. I just didn’t have time!

I was very intrigued with this nail kit…especially when the directions on the Nail Prep bottle mentioned that it helped to promote lasting adhesion of nail polish.

I am here to testify…It works!!! I painted one hand the normal way, nail polish only and the other hand using the Dazzle Dry Nail Kit….ONE WEEK AGO!

The regular hand has chipped nail polish…in fact, on a couple of fingers the nail polish has chipped ALMOST OFF!

The Dazzle Dry.perfect. I am not kidding, or exaggerating…the nails look AMAZING! It has been one whole week since I first polished my nails with Dazzle Dry. This is a revelation for me! I can have beautiful nails again and not worry about the way they look after the 2nd day.

I have stopped every person I know this past week to show them my nails and tell them about Dazzle Dry and now, I am sharing this sensational news with you!

Don’t believe me? OK, then try it yourself! Order  the Dazzle Dry nail kit and give it a go…I bet you’ll be thanking me real soon!

Dazzle Dry is definitely DAZZLING!

Overall Product Review: A++ (first time ever giving that grade)



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