Have you ever felt like a second pair of hands or another person would be a God-send in your daily life?  I know I have…in fact….more often then I’d like to admit.

I have to admit that I am a schedule/list junkie…if is not on my schedule or on my list…it won’t get done! I drive myself crazy trying to keep everything organized, on time, and running smoothly. Keeping appointments and schedules for myself, my family, church, home school and my blog can be overwhelming.

I know that is one reason I found the entire concept to be such an inviting idea. Look at the amazing features that offers:

  • Manage your appointments

    This application’s primary objective is to let you schedule and manage your clients appointments. You can setup appointments for your clients by Professional and Location. This application will send the client a confirmation message and even send them a reminder one day before the schedules appointment.

  • Validate your customers address

    Now you can verify the customers address. You will be displayed a list of alternatives and even a map of the location.

  • View all upcoming appointments

    You can view all upcoming appointments as you login. You can filter them by location and/or professional.

  • Manage your Clients

    You can add your clients into the system for easy look-up and also maintain a history of their visits to your business.

  • Support for Multiple Staff and Multiple location

    If your business has multiple professionals in one or multiple locations, you can manage them all from one place.

  • Multiple Users

    You can have multiple users from different location access the application at any time.

  • High Security has multiple level of security. You can assign different level of security to the users of the application so that only certain people have ability to administer the application. They also use High grade SSL encryption to protect your data while you are working in their application.

Don’t just take The IE Mommy’s  word for it…check out this article by Chris Robertson of Majon International.

Managing and scheduling time is everything when it comes to business. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and small businesses rely on productively scheduling their time and services in order to stay on top of things. This can be done the old-fashioned way with paper calendars, appointment cards and the telephone, or it can be done electronically, which is almost always quicker and more reliable. That is why online appointment scheduling is becoming increasingly popular. What is online appointment scheduling and how does it work?

First, online appointment scheduling is not to be confused with a simple PIM (personal information management) system. PIMs are used to keep your calendar, contacts, and often also a to-do list. They are very useful and millions of people use them, the emphasis is on personal time management. Online appointment scheduling systems, on the other hand, are actual business tools. Here’s an example of how they are used:

Imagine you’re running a hair salon and are tired of all the errors and inefficiencies associated with a simple appointment book that relies on customers’ memories and making reminder calls all day long. With an online appointment scheduling system, customers can schedule their own appointments online. They can pick from all the services the salon offers, pick a specific hairdresser if they have a preference, and leisurely check the salon’s calendar for a convenient date and time. Once scheduled, depending on how the system is set up, customers can then get email reminders, view maps with directions, reschedule appointments, and so on”

With tutorials, on-line demos, FAQ section and an on-line support is the second set of hands a busy mom, blogger or business owner needs. makes it very easy for any professional to start accepting appointments on-line without playing phone tags with their clients. It also gives them a new avenue to generate business where clients can setup appointments any time instead of waiting for the office to open and trying to find someone to either book or change an appointment. All this can be done through the web.

Signing up is EASY and FREE….why waste another minute wishing for a second “you”. Join right “HERE”


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