Leprechauns and Treasures

My girls will be six in a few short months. I know all parents say this “but it happened so quickly”! One minute they were tiny little 5 lb babies coming home from the hospital and the next they are “acting” like teenagers in the back seat of the car.

When did it happen? I feel like there are so many moments that I have missed. Not because I wasn’t there but because in a blink of an eye it’s been six years! Yet….there are times that are just magical.

My daughters still believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and I will do everything in my power to allow them the ability to be children for as long as I possibly can.  I don’t want them growing up too fast.  I want them to play with baby dolls, play in the mud and enjoy skipping rope…all that to say….we experienced a magical moment the other day and if I could replay the thoughts in my minds to you right here, right now…I would…most definitely.

I know St. Patrick’s day was last month but the girls have been very curious since then about leprechauns and what they do and why they come around.  We found a few kids books on the subject and enjoyed imaging where they were and what type of mischief they could do.

Recently my husband has been working on our backyard. There is a huge mound of dirt that is  just too tempting for the twins to NOT play in.

The other day you could hear them laughing and joking as they were finding “treasures” (aka rocks) in the dirt. I knew they had a good scrubbing coming to them that evening. There was dirt everywhere.

My husband and I were laughing at them laughing…when he had a great idea. He asked the twins to go inside and get him something from upstairs.  When they went upstairs he quickly rushed outside and hid coins through out the dirt. Pennies,  dimes, nickels and quarters…everything we had in our purse & pockets.

Of course, Rylan and Skylar, came back down with whatever bogus thing my husband had asked for and went back to playing in the dirt….when all of a sudden the shrillest squeal as they rushed back in with mud streaked faces and hands….

“Look! Look! Look what we found!” they yelled in unison

“We found the Leprechauns’ treasure!!!!”

The joy and excitement was not containable! They dug for a very long time (with my good spoons, I might add) and came out with over $2.00 in change!

At that moment my  husband was the most clever man I knew. His little scheme gave the girls a moment of fun and a lifetime of a memory.

These are the things, the dreams, the fantasies I want them to enjoy. There is plenty of time to grow up and worry about cell phones, iPods and boyfriends…but only nowright this moment, at this age….can they be excited about leprechauns and treasure….

I want it to last for as long as possible.



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  1. What a precious story! I am so glad you blogged it so you can share it with your girls later. One thing I’ve noticed in the short time I’ve been a mom is that I forget SO much!

  2. I appreciate you so much, & have enjoyed following your blog. I’ve just tagged you at my blog for an 8 Meme. I’m really interested to see what your answers are 🙂 If you did this before I missed it

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