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Please don’t tell me you don’t think the tag line of Vat19 is just the greatest!From the moment I saw their catalog and tag line I was intrigued. What exactly did this company offer? I can now answer it…“What exactly does this company NOT offer?”

Vat 19 is a company that not only has a pulse but a sense of humor and oodles & oodles of fun, quirky, entertaining and unique products. With their “Killer” philosophy it is easy to see that this is a serious company that doesn’t take themselves too serious.

vat194The Vat19 journey began in 2001 when it was launched to promote the sale of their own line of independent DVD productions.  Popular series such as the Ambient DVDs quickly opened opportunities for Vat19 to leverage its web presence beyond merely selling its own products.

In 2005, in preparation for the busy holiday season, Vat19 introduced its first non-DVD product. Its fireplace-scented candles were an instant hit with its large customer base of video fireplace customers. So, the wise sages at began to search the world for other, “curiously awesome” products to promote.



My twins had the pleasure of trying out one of their hottest selling toys. In fact, it was their best-selling item from the 2008 Holiday season and it was featured in Real Simple Holiday Gift Guide! A big thanks to Beth for thinking of both twins!vat192

We were given the opportunity to review the Operation Pen. It was a hit from the moment they opened the box! They carried it around all day and competed in who could “heal” their patient the fastest. Yes, I heard “buzz, buzz” all day but I also heard two little girls that were roaring with laughter and giggles.

They even took the pen to school. Because of the size of the pen it is very easy for little hands to hold. That is perfect for my kindergartners who are learning to write.  When daddy came home we all had a blast participating in a couple of quick games of Operation!

My favorite part of this entire game is that the little Operation pieces are attached with a nylon string. YOU CAN’T LOSE THEM! What a blessing! When I first saw the pen I thought “Oh, no. They’re going to lose the pieces!” As I looked closer I was elated to see that they were attached.

Guess what? Some time later and we still have all the pieces and the twins are still having a blast!

If you are looking for an unusual and fun gift. VAT19 is the place for you. They have something for everyone! With a wide range of selection and prices…you can most definitely find something for your serious sister or silly cousin.

Vat19 inspired me to start my Christmas list early. Check out some of the great ideas that I found

My husband is a SOUND sleeper. I mean an earthquake will not wake him up but I bet this alarm clock from Vat19 would. Here’s the site’s overview information: vat195

Overview: The Fire Bell Alarm Clock has two jobs in life: 1) To look like the kind of awesome alarm clock that Ivan Drago would keep by his bed and 2) To wake you up. Of course, since Drago never sleeps, we can’t say for certain if he’s a Fire Bell Alarm Clock user. However, if anyone could withstand this clock’s assault, it would be “The Russian” from Rocky IV.   The Fire Bell Alarm Clock features a snooze function as well as easy-to-use controls.

vat197If you have little doodlers on your hands and grandmas that adore them like I do…then you are going to love Doodlebook Picture Frame.  Here’s the overview information:

Overview: The Doodlebook Picture Frame features an opening for a 4″x6″ photo and a 80-page pad of paper. Sketch whatever awesome designs come to mind…or label the people in the photo. You can even leave it blank and let friends, family, or co-workers doodle.

There are a lot of sites in the Internet but Vat19 excels as a site that has quality products, customer service and humor. Every page I looked out received the same reaction from me “Oh my goodness!”, “How cool is that!”, “That’s awesome!”, and “Oh,!”. Don’t take The IE Mommy’s word on it….visit Vat19 yourself….you’ll see I’m right!


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