The Magical Staircase

I will bet each of you $1 if you have children you have a magical staircase too. Although in  your home it might me a magic doorway, refrigerator, room, closet…who knows… but after you read this…I just know you’ll agree with me.

You see we have a magical staircase…it seems to have the power to zap anything and everything from my twins’ minds.  If I am upstairs and hubby (The Professor) is downstairs…forget having the twins relay a message!!

Last night I was craving pizza. I was upstairs and asked Rylan to go downstairs and see if pizza sounded good to daddy…..15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes….almost 45 minutes passed (we could have been eating pizza by then) and NOTHING, no answer, no reply. I walked downstairs and asked my husband if he received the message from Rylan. Nope! Nothing! Nada! (Now the reason why “I” didn’t just go downstairs myself, well….really…isn’t the point of the story. 😛 )

Anyway…Rylan was sitting on the floor playing away with her Littlest Pet Shop toys…happy as can be. When I asked if she told daddy about Pizza? Her reply : “Oops, I forgot!”

So we had grilled cheese sandwiches instead. Yummy but yuck when you’re craving pizza.

A little bit later Skylar walked into Daddy’s office and found a really cool book that she wanted to cut up. Yes, they were making cards and wanted pretty pictures. I told her to go and ask Daddy….once again, you guessed it… the time she got downstairs….”Oops, I forgot!”

It happens going up the stairs too! If I tell them to get their shoes, they come back with books. Once I was stuck in the bathroom without toilet paper (I know TMI) and they brought me soap!

THERE ARE ONLY 15 STAIRS!!! But, I tell you…they must be magical because in a heart beat…everything in a 5 year’s old mind is g-o-n-e!

I already forget stuff. I don’t know think I should use my “magic stairs” and forget more stuff. The only thing….how will I get downstairs? You think that’s why Rapunzel “really” had such long hair? Those magic stairs will get you every time.

In fact, at this moment I am still waiting for Skylar to come back with a brush to comb her hair. It’s been 20 minutes, I hear her laughing and playing. Guess I’ll have to be brave and go up the stairs and hope that I don’t forget anything.

By the way…who are you people?


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  1. Oh yes! we have magic stairs…rooms, everything. Somedays I feel like I speak a different language that my kids dont understand. Their little minds forget as soon as they look away.

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