When Cereal Makes You Cry

You have all seen those commercials....”INSIDE A BOX WIN!” According to the commercial, depending on the company, you can win anything from a new bike, to $5, to a stuffed animal toy….the trick is you have to find the right box!

Ok, well… try explaining that to two little girls who made a mad dash to our42-17665422 pantry and literally opened every box of cereal in the cupboard…and I do mean EVERY box. Thankfully the companies now hide the prizes outside of the sealed bag of cereal.

Anyone remember digging your hand through the entire bag trying to get the little car prize before your sibling did?  I remember emptying an entire bag of Raisin Bran into a salad bowl when I was looking for a little itty bitty toy…I think my butt still hurts from that one!

My heart broke for my little ones when they could not find the cash card the commericial promised.  They are at the age where they believe everything they hear on T.V. You should hear them quote infomercials…but, that’s an entirely different story.

They were so sad that inside (8) boxes of cereal they didn’t have one cash card. Now, why we had eight boxes of cereal is simple to explain. We are a Stater Bros. family and they recently had cereal at $1.50 a box!! My children and my husband love cereal!.  All kinds of cereal. I think they would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner…if I were to let them.  We had just returned from grocery shopping when they saw the commercial and rushed my pantry.

You should have seen their faces. They literally had the boxes upside down. “Where’s the $5 card, mama?” they asked bewildered and heartbroken. I had to explain the entire lottery concept of  a contest like that.

At least they are optimistic because I overheard them mention to each other…”Maybe the next box will have a cash card!” as they sadly walked away…leaving me the mess, of course.

I am seriously thinking of sneaking a $5 bill into one of the boxes and have them search a second time. I know, I know…that doesn’t make a lot of sense but hey, I’m a mom!


~ by iemommy on May 1, 2009.

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  1. I feel your pain…my kids NOW understand (at ages 6 and 8) that the boxes will most likely not have the prizes advertised inside–yet they are still disappointed when they don’t get the prizes mentioned in the commercials. And don’t even get me started on those darn codes from the yogurt and cheese that we (the Moms) are supposed to enter on the computer…

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