Spotlight on “Fish for Words” (Review)


As a mom and a home school teacher….you learn to make learning fun.  One of my goals is to teach my children to love to learn…not just to learn but to enjoy the process. So many things that we as adults take for granted are a challenge to little minds.

I love to read and I know that my children enjoy having books read to them. But, teaching them to read has been a challenge. When your child still has a little bit of a lisp or doesn’t quite here the difference between the numbers eighteen and eighty. It can be daunting to have them understand phonics, letter sounds and even number sound distinguishing.

Fish for Words is an economical and educational program/game for your child. With sight word recognition games and site word spelling games you little one will “enjoy” the process of learning.

Colorful fish graphics and bright fish bowls and aquariums add a bit of whimsy to education.

There is a wonderful “try now” option and a very easy to understand stream video on how the program works. $14.95 is a very reasonable price to pay for helping your child learn…the 30 day money back guarantee is only the cherry on top.

Even if you are not a home school family…this is a great feature to help your child to excel in reading and phonics.

You can spend $14.95 taking the family out for ice cream…why not invest in your child’s future instead?



~ by iemommy on May 3, 2009.

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