Woohoo! Penelope Poet!

pp2So what do you do  when you open up a box and your knees get a little wobbly when you see what’s inside? No, this didn’t come from my hubby or even my mom…but Penelope Poet!

Ladies…I was sent a gorgeous piece of jewelry to review today.  This beautiful piece of jewelry is based on Proverbs 8:31

Ok…so I am not going to give you the entire review just yet…you’ll have to be patient and wait. But boy oh boy! You are going to want to learn more about this company and the  gorgeous items they carry.

So…you want to know what I received? Ha! You’ll have to wait! Visit the Penelope Poet site and look around…you’ll totally want to spoil yourself before Mother’s day.

~ by iemommy on May 5, 2009.

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