Spotlight on “Twist” (Review)


Raise your hand if you love to clean? Raise your hand if you love doing house work?

Hello? Anyone? Aw c’mon you mean to tell me not one of you “love” to do these chores?

Well, good! Because I don’t either! Unfortunately, just because I don’t enjoy doesn’t mean that I don’t do it. I take pride in keeping my home presentable…after all you never know who might drop by when, right?

Cooking, cleaning, laundry it is all part of being a mom…they are perks that come with the job! Moms are the ones that keep it together and keep the  home running. When Twist sent me over an amazing box full of goodies…I have to admit….I was excited. I couldn’t wait to start my Spring cleaning.

I received a box load of fabulous Twist products. Check out some of the goodies that I received to review:

Many, many moons ago I swore that I would never ever get excited over cleaning supplies. My goodness what kind of crazy women would do that? Well, may I introduce myself…I am The IE Mommy (aka A Crazy Women)! I was like a kid in a candy store when I opened this box. I sat on the floor and decided what would be used in the bathroom, kitchen, upstairs and downstairs.

twistdishdumplinghr One of my favorite items was the Dish Dumpling. Wow, this little guy rocks! He is a scrubber and food grime fighter. I cook a lot of baked dishes and he worked his way through them all. The Dish Dumpling is a chubby little nugget of sponge power, packed in an agave wrapper.  It makes removing even baked-on food kind of fun.  Best of all, it’s dye-free and biodegradable.*

Any scrubber alone is like Batman without Robin the dish dumpling worked side by side with my wonderful Naked Sponge. Doesn’t that just sound twist_naked_triohrnaughty? lol Okay a little but believe me it’s good, clean and healthy. Because by naked, Twist means without chemicals, colors, and any of the adulterated stuff you might find in traditional sponges.* One of my pet peeves with sponges is the yucky “old nasty” smell that most sponges get within days of being used.  My Naked Sponge has been fantastic!  It never got that “old” sponge smell and still looks newish!

But my ultimate favorite, the love of my cleaning life…are you ready for it?

Do you think you can handle the revelation?

twistspongeclothshr1My utmost favorite is the Sponge Cloth! Oh my goodness!

This Sponge Cloth is Energizer Bunny quality.  It just keeps going and going. I don’t know if you can see it clearly states on the packaging labeled that one, ONE of the sponge cloths is equivalent to 17 Paper Towel Rolls….S-E-V-E-N-TEEN!.

With twin daughters we have a lot of little and not so little spills. Mommy is at her best and ready for cleaning with my Sponge Cloth.

I always challenge you to try it yourself but this time I not only challenge you…I encourage you, urge you, desire that you do and really, really want you to experience Twist product for yourself!

*Information obtained from Twist Clean Website

~ by iemommy on May 7, 2009.

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