Dr. Laura & “In Praise of Stay at Home Moms”


I have something to admit. I was a closet Dr. Laura fan. I am not sure why I was in the closet about this….but it was just something I never really talked about.  I would listen to her advice show, nod my  head in agreement and then mosey along, never ever telling anyone. dsc_0753

For years that has been routine.

Recently that changed. It changed fast…in the drop of an e-mail! I was the fortunate winner to win two tickets to see the Live showing of Dr. Laura – In Praise of  Mom! Rock On!!

From that moment on….every person I knew or even saw learned that I was going to see Dr. Laura. Heck, even my mailman knew! I was telling people on the street. I came out of the closet in a big way!

When I received the email from Casey at EcOnomical Mom that I was the winner of the tickets and a signed copy of the book, In Praise of Stay At Home Moms….I was floored! I must have sent her a million emails gushing about how excited I was and “thank you”. Poor girl, she must have me on block by now.

When I told my  husband he was so sweet….he instantly said “I want to go. I’d like to support you because you’re a great mom” Well, how could I say no to that!

We planned a fun date night with dinner and a babysitter. I even purchased these ultra cool heels to wear to the event…I was all set.

The baby sitter arrived and we were out the door. Our tickets were for a theatre in Palm Springs. I love Palm Springs. It’s a tad too hot for me in the daytime but during the evening it is beautiful

Now…I was imaging this grand “Hollywood” style event. You know complete with balloons and Dr. Laura books, t-shirts and tapes. I thought I would see a huge line of  people (especially moms) waiting for the show to begin.  My husband and I arrived 30 minutes early just so we could have a great seat!

We really didn’t have to worry…let’s put it this way…I personally knew 20% of the attendees there…doing the math? Yep, there were five people at the movie theatre. No balloons, no books…Nada! It was evident that the “live” showing in Irvine, California was packed and sold out. But our little group was only 6 strong.  I am sure the closer you were in location to the real event the more packed it was.

dsc_0754But being the Dr. Laura fan that I am… (whew, it feels good to admit it…Hello, my name is Christine and I am a Dr. Laura fan…yes, much better)…I kept a positive perspective and was determined to have a wonderful evening regardless of how many people were in the theatre.

It gave me a lot of room to snuggle in with my hubby and laugh or cry as loud as I wanted.

You know…Dr. Laura did not fail me on my expectations of a great show…not one bit. Oh my goodness is that lady funny! I really did not know she had it in her. It was like having our very own personal performance. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

Her thoughts and theories on being a stay at home really touched my heart and spirit.  She talked about the honor, the duty and the joy of being able to raise our children. She also talked about how sometimes being a “stay at home” mom is like using a dirty word. praiseofstayathomemoms_300

It was a very hard transition for me coming from the “business” world and no children for 11 years to not only being a mom, but a stay at home,  home schooling mom.  No one in my family has ever been a stay at home mom, nor have they home schooled so the transition wasn’t a easy one. Come to think of it…no one else has twins either.

But you know…I can firmly and confidently say… I am my husband’s wife AND I am my kid’s mom!  Thanks Dr. Laura for reinforcing God’s plan for my life is exactly where I am and a big shout thanks to Casey for having a great giveaway.

Dr. Laura ROCKS!


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3 Responses to “Dr. Laura & “In Praise of Stay at Home Moms””

  1. That was awsome! I was moved by how moved you were, lol!

  2. That is awesome! I should find out if I can get ahold of a dvd or something of hers. I am just like you, I was in the business world from age 16-29 and then God flipped my world upside down and started giving me desire to homeschool both my children ages 5 and 10 now. I have been doing it for 2 years and although no one in my family homeschooled, and my mom stayed home with me until I was 11, it is still a challenge that I don’t take lightly. Thank God for people that encourage, press on and do what God has called them to do and for the husbands that support us along the way!!!
    Have a great day!
    (You look fab by the way! Love the new heels and shiny shirt!)

  3. Wow, yes that is awesome, I’m a guy and I too love listening to dr. Laura. Great blog btw.

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