I Am Hungry!

So my birthday has passed and Mother’s day has passed and my husband and I had this great idea to go on diet.

We have it all planned out…the plan sounds good…we’ve done it before and have been successful….but gosh darn it! I am hungry!

I have everything I need to make this diet work. I don’t even want to call it a diet because diets suck! I would rather realize it is a new and better way to eat.

I do not want to be a size 00. I don’t want to be size 3 or 5 but I definitely don’t want to remain in double digits either.

I figure if I posted about this you would all keep me to my guidelines. I am admitting to you that I am going to try and lose weight so that  I can be around for the long-haul for my girls.

Of course  if I get hit by a bus then all bets are off!

My husband and I are planning to create a biggest loser type of challenge…we just haven’t decided what the winner will recieve yet.  I was thinking a 4 or 5ct diamond ring but he almost choked on his grapefruit juice this morning when I told him that idea so it’s safe to assume that’s a “no go”.

Do you want to know my goals? Or how much I weigh? Yikes, I just don’t think I can tell you that? Aren’t you satisifed that you know I am forty!?

Ok, I’llsay that Iwould like to lose about 35 – 40lbs. Which would leave me approximately 130 or so. You can do the math. But don’t leave it on the comment section, lol.

I’ll let you know how I do…keep me in your thoughts, well wishes and prayers….’cause I really want to beat my husband! Oh! That doesn’t sound very nice..does it?   Yes, I know…sometimes I am way too competitive.

So….the diet starts NOW!



~ by iemommy on May 11, 2009.

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