Zula World – Wanna Try for FREE!

zulaworld2Developed in conjunction with IBM, at ZulaWorld.com, kids ages 5 and older, along with their parents and caregivers can enjoy interacting with other like-minded earthlings online.  In Zula’s unique universe kids can create their own avatar, fly their own spaceship, and discover for themselves that when it comes to science, exploring is never boring.

The IE Mommy readers are privileged to receive first access to this exclusive beta testing opportunity, which kicks off today! Click on any button, banner or link and it deliver you directly to ZulaWorld.  Come back to the IE Mommy website and leave thoughts and feedback. The IE Mommy will forward the information to ZulaWorld.

What is ZulaWorld?

ZulaWorld™ is an immersive virtual environment for kids, families, and educators — a place to play games, explore new worlds, and interact with other users as well as the friendly and helpful characters from The Zula Patrol television show. Parents and teachers are also encouraged to join ZulaWorld™, where together with their children they can discover the fun of science and math through safe and challenging games, quests, and missions.

The IE Mommy Says:zulaworld1

I think it’s an exciting opportunity to share with a company our true thoughts and feedback regarding games our children play.  Plus we get  a fun trial run for two weeks! Just remember that the free beta access will close on the May  26th.

Remember you have to use the links within this post in order to receive access to Zula World and please come back and leave a comment.!

For complete access to the ZulaWorld.com during the private beta test you’ll need to:

  • Click on become VIP member (unlocks many more levels of exciting activities)
  • Go through the process as if you were going to pay and use one of the “prototype” credit card numbers posted  (note: they aren’t real numbers but will work on the site)


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