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EcoTote™, a waste-free home lunch kit. Cut costs, eat healthy and be kind to the earth. Tote and contents are completely safe and reusable. Kit includes: tote; food containers; stainless water bottle; coordinating cloth napkin; full-sized cutlery; and sturdy, removable shoulder strap. Comes in fun, modern prints – appropriate for kids AND adults. Easy-care, durable fabric always looks great. Spill-proof food containers are designed to be used separately or together. Roomy enough to double as a mini-picnic tote. Attractive enough to use as a mini-travel tote. **



greentoteAs we all know I am not Julia Childs, Rachel Ray or even Chef Boyardee when it comes to my cooking skills.

But I am getting better…I swear! While my family is “dealing” with my limited culinary skills we can at least be eco-friendly and fashionable with this stylish and chic lunch tote.

Like most moms…most of our lunch totes are either HUGE or they have a cartoon character. They are either used for the entire family or for the little ones.

I love this EcoTote because it is all “grown up”.  With the “go anywhere” containers, utensils and water bottle…I am willing, ready and able to travel with style at a moments notice.

It’s great fun to use your child’s Dora the Explorer lunch box but what a statement you make when you pull out this fashionable, eco friendly lunch tote.

While, it is perfect for the “woman” in the mom. It is also perfect for mini family outings. The beautiful California Spring weather affords  my twins and I lots of time to go to the park. This is a great tote for snacks and drinks.  The individual containers mean that each child can have her own snack. We don’t have to worry that the grapes are going to make the Goldfish crackers soggy. A generous sized stainless steel water bottle keeps the water fresh.

Complete with it’s very own matching napkin this cute EcoTote keeps all items neatly and conveniently together. You don’t have to run around trying to find just the right containers to fit inside.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a business owner…the EcoTote is a perfect accessory for any outfit, life style and schedule.

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**Information obtained from the Eco Tote Website

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