Appliance Suicide Pact!

Most of you know that my oven decided to “die” about a month ago. The stove still works but the oven didn’t. We really procrastinated about buying another because the weather has gotten warmer and we like to BBQ a lot. We weren’t in a rush to dole the cash for a new oven if we weren’t going to use it for a couple of months.

Little did I know that the oven and the dishwasher were such good friends! Yep, my dishwasher decided to die too! Wait….it gets better…..on Friday my washing machine made a noise that sounded something like a war cry! KAPUMF! She is still working but barely….

It appears that instead of just an oven…I know need a dishwasher, washing machine and of course a dryer. FOUR appliances!

I can’t really blame my washer and dryer they are about 12 years old. But I really, really don’t want to buy an entire house of appliances!

We were saving toward a trip to Hawaii or maybe a new living room set but well, looks like the plans have changed.

I really want to get excited about getting new appliances but all I see are $$$ signs. My hubby is busy researching the best brands, prices,  delivery and set up options  and I am busy blogging about it. We are such a team!

I am doing laundry right now and have my fingers crossed that I’ll get through everything I need.  You know I could do without a new dishwasher and I definitely don’t mind doing BBQ throughout the summer…but the laundry… yikes!

Wish me luck as we head out to Sears, Lowes and Harlows….I can see the sales people now. That hungry look in their eye, that determination to sell us extended warranties or to up sell us to a bigger, better and faster model.

No worries though…after all these years. My darling husband and I have the game plan all down. He is the “nice” guy and I stand behind him being the “tough, nothing makes me  happy”  wife face.  Works like a charm every time!

Wish us luck!

~ by iemommy on May 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Appliance Suicide Pact!”

  1. sounds like my household recently. first toilet problems, then the car died, then the lawnmower died, , then our space heater decided to melt, then the kitchen faucet broke. it all seems to go wrong at once. but, you did put a witty spin on things which totally made me laugh.

    • lol..thanks Becca. I try to write about it all through a “funny” lens ’cause sometimes you just want to cry.

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