Best Shot Monday – Too Soon for Fast


One of my twins is a bit more of a daredevil then the other.  She is always up to the challenge of going faster. Recently, she begged me to take her on this roller coaster at California Adventure. She was so sad to learn that she wasn’t even close to the height limit.

Honestly, I was so relieved. I like roller coasters but even this one is a bit intimidating. Whew! Thank God…it seems as if I have been spared for a little while.

Join the fun – Let’s see Your Best Shot Monday!



~ by iemommy on May 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Best Shot Monday – Too Soon for Fast”

  1. Love your shot, the Orange of the car really pops.

  2. Great shot – I’d be terrified: some kids are so brave!

  3. very cool selective focus!

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