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Cool boys fashion

800 hero front biggerIn researching all of the children’s boutiques out there, it seems so many of them are either solely dedicated to girls fashion or have such slim pickin’s on boys clothing that it’s not even worth looking.  I have a son and was dismayed by the lack of cool boys clothes out there so I try to make sure my children’s boutique offers a great selection of boy options and especially ones that the little men in your life will really want to wear.

Right now at Squeeze Hugs, we have one of our most popular dragon frontand “coolest” boy lines on sale through the end of May!  Check out the entire Monster Republic line and get it for 20% off!

We’ve currently got two shirts in the running for the most popular…one is a Superhero shirt and the other a Red Dragon shirt.  What boy doesn’t want to be a Superhero?  And don’t worry moms – these aren’t any ordinary Superhero shirts you can find in any store.  We’ve got the 800-Mr-Hero shirt as well as the fire breathing dragon shirt.  Trust me – when my son is out in these shirts, he always gets compliments and they are his favorite ones!

Be sure to check out all the other great boys fashion while you are visiting Squeeze Hugs Children’s Boutique.  We’ve got everything from baby boy by Toni Tierney, Claesens, Angel Dear and Ollie Baby to toddler and big boy favorites by Deux par Deux, Coco Bonbons, Charlie Rocket, Okkies, Appaman and Wild Mango.

_MG_5732Of course, I’d be remiss if I did not mention the fabulous sale we also have going on right now for the European girls line Mim Pi.  Our entire Mim Pi line is also 20%.

Lastly, if you’re looking for the perfect birthday outfit or tee, we’ve got it…AND it’s on sale!  Our entire Liliputians NYC line is 15% off until the end of May.  These are the perfect option for that special birthday person!

See you at Squeeze Hugs!


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