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iFrogz manufactures brand driven iPod and digital audio accessories. Our mission is to create innovative products that are stylish, practical and unique. With countless awards and accolades, we have positioned ourselves as a company with limitless potential. In an industry saturated with generic mediocrity, iFrogz stands out as a brand with true ingenuity and panache.

iFrogz sales products into nearly every corner of the earth. With offices both in and out of the Unites States and well as a logistics and development center in Hong Kong, iFrogz can deliver product in a variety of distribution methods. iFrogz is small and nimble enough to create custom delivery and warehouse solutions while robust enough to facilitate large orders.**



purple_tadpole copyMy girls love music. They always have. Since they were little we played all types of music for them…from Christian, to country, to classical to rock…we enjoy music and wanted them to experience the joy from the beginning.

Needless to say they are “experts” at working daddy’s iPod’s and MP3 players…but they are still kids. As parents know…kids break things…kids have sticky fingers and kids generally are a bit rough on their toys. Even if they really are daddy’s toys.

We were offered the chance to review a wonderful product called the Tadpole. The Tadpole™ is the world’s first and only iPod™ case for kids. The tadpole allows parents to convert their own video iPod into a portable children’s entertainment device. Perfect for use in the car, at the supermarket, in the doctor’s waiting room or just about anywhere else.The child-sized headphones are designed specifically to work with the iFrogz Tadpole case.**

Boy could you hear the sigh of relief from Daddy as he placed his treasured iPod into the hands of his 5 year old twins…with the Tadpole…he knew that they could enjoy the music and videos and he wouldn’t have to worry about the sticky fingers or accidental falls his iPod has had in the past.

With 5 star reviews this is a must have for the mom or dad of any little music lover. Right now the Tadpole is on a limited edition, limited quantities bases so you’d better hurry.

The only thing I could that would have made this great little gadget even more perfect is….if I had TWO Tadpoles…because while my girls love music, they don’t love sharing!

Check out the awesome giveaway that iFrogz is offering The IE Mommy readers…a little something special just for mom and dad..or whatever big kid would love to win!



ONE (1) Lucky IE Mommy readers will Win their Custom Pair of Nerve Pipes from iFrogz!

Customize your headphones! NervePipe style headphones are the perfect solution to high fashion and high fidelity! Choose from 6 component pieces to make the perfect set for yourself or for a friend. Each NervePipe order comes in sealed retail packaging**


Contest will run until midnight (PST) – May 28th. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on May 29th! Contest Open to U.S. Residents Only at this time.



  • TO ENTER :
    • Visit iFrogz and find your favorite item (can not be the ones pictured in the review). Come back to The IE Mommy and tell me about your favorite = ONE ENTRY*
    • Join iFrogz email list. Come back to The IE Mommy and tell me = TWO ENTRIES*
      *These entries are mandatory, if it is not followed then all other entries will be disqualified.
  • Remember YOU MUST leave a comment for each step…in order to be eligible for the  entries.


The IE Mommy is always looking for products, companies and sites to review. If you have or know of a company, product or site that could use an IE Mommy review. Email me at theiemommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

**Information obtained from the iFrogz Website & Press Kit.


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  1. I like the 4th Gen Nano Silicone Wrapz in Green.

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  11. I like the iYoYo….what a neat and convenient way to keep earbuds from being all tangled up.

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  15. I like the The Bomb USB / Battery Powered Speaker.

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  26. I like the 3G Nano Leather Case.

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  28. I have ordered from ifrogz a lot! I love the customizable ipod protection. Tire tread for one son, plain pink with a ladybug over the dial for me!

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  39. they sell protective screen covers for the itouch. I need those actually!

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