Aloha Friday – Time to Shop!

alohafridayFriday! Gosh, I am loving this weekend. The girls are both well and healthy (Praise God), the hubby will be home and I have awesome birthday money to spend! lol!

My Aloha Friday Question:

What is the most $$ you have ever paid for a pair of shoes or purse?

~ by iemommy on May 22, 2009.

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  1. I think it’s not been more than $50. I’m so cheap!

  2. Great question. I paid $125 for a pair of boots before. I love purses and shoes!

  3. I have such a hard time spending money on myself, this is a great question!
    I would sayy no more than 50 for shoes and no more than 25 for a purse lol
    On my kids though I can spend and spend lol

  4. too much… too much.

  5. Oh… this is a story that I hate to tell…
    I fell IN LOVE with a pair of shoes- gorgeous. Peep open toe. Toe cleavage. But very high heels.
    There were like $125…YES. I know. It was impulse buy.
    The problem is that if I wore them, it would be ” OK. ” But what is worse is that I never wear them. They are so, so, so, painful.

    • lol..don’t you HATE that! I bought a pair of kitten heals once that fit perfectly at the store. When I gave them back to the clerk, I don’t know if he mixed them up with narrow shoes or what but I never, ever could wear them…and believe me I tried…but they went from a wide to a narrow and I KNOW my feet didn’t get bigger! lol

  6. I own a $100 pair of Doc Martens…I have never paid more than that!

  7. I think around $120 and it was for a pair of running shoes.

  8. I recently paid $120 for a pair of hiking sandals. Pretty sure that’s the most I’ve ever spent, although I’ll routinely pay $80+ for shoes. I actually own VERY few shoes, I think less than 5 pair, so when I buy something I want COMFORT and long lasting. I figure $200/year is a reasonable shoe budget.

  9. I think I had to pay $35 or something like that amount for a pair of shoes and well it was hard to do but I needed a pair of shoes.

  10. Shoes about $30 and a purse about $40!

  11. About $100. I just can’t spend more LOL

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