Don’t Take My Wilma! (repost)


Funny, when you are an adult…taking medicine or vitamins is a chore. It is something you do not enjoy.  I have decided that my age is determined by the number of vitamin or prescription bottles you’ll find in my medicine cabinet. At this point I am about 60!

The older I become the more I believe in vitamins. Magnesium, Vitamin E, C & B12 are wonders… and please do not forget about their cousins Zinc, Omega and the entire B family. I can feel the difference when I forget to take them for a while and realize more and more the importance of vitamins in my life and diet.

My Mom has always been a big opponent of vitamins and I am passing that down to the twins.

Children are amazing….their little eyes and ears hear and soak up EVERYTHING and then they put their own little spin on it all.

Every morning after breakfast the girls and I take our vitamins. I pour out the bottle of Flinestones and the debate begins…

“Mommy, which character is this?”

“Fred Flinestone”

“Nope, don’t want that. Which is this one?”


“He’s a dinosaur that acts like a dog, right”


“Nope, don’t want that.  Hmmm??”

At this point the other twin usually joins and the conversation begins again.

Finally they make a decision. Whew!

As they walk away chewing their cherry or grape vitamin excitedly talking about which “character” they are chewing… I am still at the counter counting my vitamins, one, two, three….by the way… do you think the Flintstones took vitamins back in the days of Bedrock?

How else could they zoom around town driving those fancy, foot-pedaled cars? You can download a Free Flintstone Growth Chart at the link below…


~ by iemommy on May 22, 2009.

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