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There’s nothing better than curling up with your favorite book, in your favorite spa wrap, right before bedtime. A glass of milk, a chocolate chip cookie (or a pint of ice cream) and your Frankie & Johnny spa wrap will prepare your body, mind and soul for a good night’s rest. Frankie & Johnny spa wraps are nice ’n roomy, made of the fluffiest, most comfy fabric around and feature prints that will inspire Sweet Dreams!**



Close your eyes and follow me to a fantasy land…wait! Scratch that…you can’t close your eyes and read the review at the same time so forget closing your eyes….just follow me to a fantasy land.

No little hands grabbing at you…No one calling your name whether it is mama or honey…no phones ringing, no deadlines to meet, a no calorie zone…just a moment of quiet. Can you experience it? Can you feel the peace and tranquility?

wrap_poolpartyEvery time I slip into my buttery soft Spa Wrap from Frankie & Johnny and ChicBlvd… I am there in my quiet place. Just me…relaxed, deep breathing and calm.

Now to break your bubble…my quiet time is probably…oh! About 5 minutes long but none the less I feel very sexy and luxurious wearing my Spa Wrap.

I love the fact that the Spa Wrap is large enough to not leave any gaps where gaps shouldn’t be. It’s generous in size to cover every aspect of The IE Mommy and it is beyond soft.

I was fearful of washing it because it was so soft. I was afraid it would make it rough to the touch..but I should not have worried one moment.

This is a great gift for birthday, weddings, anniversaries and showers.  Whether young or more mature…every lady will feel pampered wearing a Spa Wrap…I know I do.

With all these great designs…you will be sure to find the perfect gift for your self or someone you love to spoil.

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**Information obtained from the ChicBlvd Website

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