Maybe I am in the mood to be philosophical or perhaps it is because I just finished watching Lifetime T.V. but I am feeling very content.

The word “contentment” has many different meanings for different people. For me, contentment is having the knowledge that the man I’ve love will be coming home tonight to laugh and be with our family. It is the knowledge that my mom is around to see my children grow and that my sisters are strong and healthy.  It is the knowledge that my little babies are growing into healthy children with a natural curiosity about the world. It is the knowledge that I am serving a gracious God and that the people in my church have become true family to me.

Yes, there are things I would change about myself…but at this moment in time…life is beautiful!

I do not know what makes you feel content. But whatever it is, reflect on it today.

Sit down and let the realization of your blessings sink in to your mind and spirit. Don’t worry about chores and to-do-lists… just stop. Enjoy “this” moment in your life.

“You never get time back” is an old saying I am sure many of us have heard. So just for today…let’s not waste it.  Life can get better and life can get worse. But if this moment was all you had left, what would you do with it?

So with that being said…I am turning off the T.V., the computer and the radio and I am going outside and admire the clouds with the twins.

Contentment is something that is all too fleeing in this busy world…I am not going to waste one minute of it.


~ by iemommy on May 23, 2009.

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  1. This is a wonderful reminder to think about the things we sometimes take for granted. I hope the clouds were amazing!

  2. such an inspiring post! great reminder. contentment is a good thing. : )

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