Put a Little “Sweet” in Your Conversation and Win!

necco candySince I was a little bitty thing the Necco Conversation hearts were my ultimate favorite. Even now…I can devour a box or two quicker then you can superkali….oh, heck! However you spell it! You know what I mean…I can eat them FAST!

I remember being very specific on what savying I would share with who….what they said was very important.

In fact so important that Necco is holding a “My Sweethearts…Our Hearts, Your Words” contest

“Sweethearts, the original Valentine’s Day candy hearts, are turning over their product to consumers to choose 80 new expressions for the 2010 Valentine’s Day Sweethearts.

The company just launched a micro site at MySweethearts.com to host a “My Sweethearts – Our Hearts, Your Words” contest.

For the first time in their 145-year history, Sweethearts is letting its fans tell them what they want to see on their hearts. Create your own sweet sayings before May 31, and you could win a run of customized hearts worth $8,000 or other great prizes.”**

What are you waiting for….Share your words with the world!


~ by iemommy on May 23, 2009.

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