Spotlight on “Minty Invigorating Leg Gel” by Abrione




Revitalize your sore, tired, aching legs and feet. Our Minty Invigorating Leg Gel contains horse chestnut, menthol and peppermint that work to help improve your circulation. A rich moisturizing gel!

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Green Tea – anti-irritant, antioxidant
  • Aloe Vera – anti-inflammatory, moisturizer
  • Horse Chestnut – anti-inflammatory
  • Menthol – antiseptic, cooling
  • Peppermint Oil – cooling, antibacterial**
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    IE MOMMY SAYS: gel

    You know those moments in life where you just can not take another step. The feet hurt, the ankles hurt, the calves hurt! The moments where if someone gave you a pillow you would fall asleep right where you are…wherever you are!

    I have a lot of moments like that. Some mornings I hit the ground running…wash my face, brush my teeth, jump in the shower and go, Go GO! At the end of the day…my body is tired and my legs and feet are especially tired.

    Thanks to Lisa at It’s a Glam Thing I was able to try the Minty Invigorating Leg Gel by Abrione/VB Cosmetics.  The first thing I noticed was the wonderful scent…full of Peppermint Oil, Menthol, Aloe Vera and Green Tea…it was was heavenly.  The scent, alone, is a refresher!

    Putting a little dab on my palm I massaged my tired, aching muscles and could feel the light, cool sensation working it’s way through my tired muscles. My feet did not throb quite as much and my legs felt more relaxed then they had in a while.

    It is definitely a sweet treat in a bottle…perfect for those quick little moments of pampering. If you have time to put lotion on after a shower…you have time for this little delight in a bottle.

    Abrione’s Minty Invigorating Gel is a definite must for any busy women on the go!



    **Information obtained from the Abrione/VB Cosmetics website


    ~ by iemommy on May 23, 2009.

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