The IE Mommy and a Spendervention at T.J. Maxx & Marshalls!


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~ by iemommy on May 24, 2009.

20 Responses to “The IE Mommy and a Spendervention at T.J. Maxx & Marshalls!”

  1. My best story is when a large website went out of business they sold inventory to national toystore. There was an outlet store by my work for this particular retailer and I would frequent occasionally. They had a $1 bin of toys that were worth $20 or more. I stocked up for birthday gifts, Christmas, birthday party favors, etc.

  2. I don’t have just one spendervention story. I swear by Tj Maxx and Marshalls. We bought a fancy big new house 6 years ago. I needed all NEW everything because it was a different style house then I had before. This really worried my Husband. EVERY DAY for the next 6 months I did my rounds of ALL the local Tj Maxx and Marshalls. You have to go everyday because they have new things everyday and they sell out quickly. I ended up decorating my house at 50-75% off. I have seen the same items I got at Pier 1 Imports and Pottery barn for so much more. My house is so nicely decorated people think I hired a interior decorator. That reminds me that when I shopped at Tj Maxx and Marshalls everyday for 6 months I got to know all the professional Interior Decorators that really do shop their. Now that the house is decorated my Husband won’t let me go to TJ Maxx and Marshalls more then once a month. HMMM, Sounds like it might be time for a whole house remodel.

  3. My spendervention story is from Marshalls. I found out about their once in a lifetime 15% event happening earlier this year after a lawsuit or something. Well online the date was incorrect, so I grabbed a shopping cart full of things to decide on. Then I got to the counter where they stated it was the next day! Ahhh! SO, they were nice enough to hold the entire cart for me. Not only did I find clearanced Calvin Klein undershirts for my son for $3.99 for two plus the extra 15% off but I also found a gorgeous ceramic teapot with delicate flowers on the side for $4, a new black ornate frame on sale for $10 normally $40 and a few other things. The best one was a birthday gift for a friend that was a Nike jacket that she wanted at the Nike store for $60 and I got it for $19 + the extra % off!! I spent about $30 that day and saved around $150!

  4. My daughter is a shopaholic!! I’d cringe everytime she wanted to go shopping because I am a consignment shop shopper and she is high end department store shopper. We meet in the middle now !!
    A day out shopping together is going to Tj Maxx and Marshalls because I get the sales and new items and she can still get her high end goods at fabulous prices. I am so proud of her!
    She is seeing that money looks better in her pocket .What I love is that she stops at the clearance rack or isle. Proud Momma!1

  5. Ok, I have a sentimental story. I remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter (10 years ago) I did a HUGE shopping spree at Marshalls. My mother-in-law was with me and treated me. It was so much fun. I’ve shopped there since, by the way, but I specifically remember this day. It was so much fun.

  6. My daughter and I go to TJ Maxx routinely and are always looking for that special deal. One we found some leather boots which aren’t Frye boots but look exactly like them and are super well made and of great quality. We got those babies for only $30!! That was about 5 years ago and those boots look every bit as good today as they did then. That was such a great find!

  7. THe best thing I ever bought there was a swimsuit. It was one of thse miraclesuits that retail for over $150. It was my size and it was so cute. I found it hiding behind some other suits. I bought it for $19.99. At first I thought something was wrong with it but it was in perfect condition and fit like a glove. I still have the suit years later and love it!

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  11. I absolutely these two stores. I have often found clothes for ridiculous prices. I love to save money but half off usually isn’t enough for me. I like finding deals under $10. At one of these (I can’t remember which one) I found a skirt for $2.49. It was on clearance because someone had broken the zipper. I scooped it up fast and I still wear it to this day.

    I also love dresses. I can get those lovely Nine West or Calvin Klein dresses for $39.99-$49.99. They never go on clearance though. It is a good deal nonetheless.

    Point is I love these stores and I love to shop and even if I don’t win, I will sing their praises for years to come.

    Thank you for listening.

  12. I was looking for Christmas party dress and had very limited funds so I decided to check out TJ Maxx at the mall. I found the most sexy,classy seguin dress that was orignally $145.00 for $56.00 plus tax. I had searched everywhere and had almost given up hope because the other dresses at the other stores were way to expensive for me to afford. I had received so many compliments on that dress and I felt like a million bucks little did everyone know I had only spent $56.00

  13. Heck, my DH tries to do a spendervention on me and fails….HAHAH
    But one fabulous deal I did find at TJs was on a purse. ( first thing to know… they have the best purse department I have ever see. Bar none. I am a purse-a-holic, I know this. )

    I was wandering the purse isle, when I saw a purse towards the back. It caught my eye b/c it was kind of creamy sparkly off white. Not too sparkly, just that opal kind of color.
    Any way, I grabbed it and it was beautiful. Made in Italy. There was only one. It smelled that really good leather smell. ( I know, that is a little nutty, but it did smell really good) I can not tell you how gorgeous this purse was… you could tell if was from Italy and the retail was $575. Yes, thats like a freaking car payment or something. Heck I bet you could buy a plane ticket to Italy for that.
    Anywho, It was marked down to $175… which amazing deal! But it was still too much for me. I could not spend that much on a purse… the DH would flip. So, I carried it around with me the whole time I shopped, pretending it was mine. True. I may have even talked to it a little bit.. but that would be crazy.
    I said good-bye as I put it back where I found it. Sadly, I had to leave that purse behind. I went back the next week b/c I got a $50.00 gift card for a gift, ran to the purse aisle, but it was gone.
    I did manage to get 3 pairs of shoes and two cute pairs of jeans for my little guy with my gift card. So really, I cant complain.

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  15. My favorite stores!! I always shop at them first. Last month I found a $190 black leather purse on clearance for $29.00 and a awesome kenneth cole wallet for $10.00. WHat a deal. I find name brand clothes for my daughter in their. I pay under $10.00 for most of her clothes in there and some have tags with $30.00 or higher. We are about to start potty training and last month I found 3 packs of toddler panties that were on clearance for $1.00 a pack. Needless, to say I just about bought them out:)

  16. I love the German Nutcrackers. My husband knows this. I have been collecting them since I was in my teens. (Let’s just say I am not in my teens now). My husband had been wanting to purchase a nutcracker for me for Christmas a few yrs ago. I hadn’t been in a Marshalls or a Tj Maxx until a few weeks before Christmas a few yrs ago. I went in and spent a few hours and walked out with a few things. I told him that I had seen some of the most beautiful German nutcrackers there. I really didn’t think anything in mentioning it because I was unaware of what he wanted to get me for the holidays. Come Christmas morning I opened a box to the nutcracker that I had been looking at and had actually had at one point put in my cart but ended up putting back. This one was meant to be.

  17. My daughter and I always go to T.J. Max & Marshalls to check out their clearance racks and sales. The last time we visited both stores, I purchased 2 pairs of capri pants & 3 shirts for my daughter. The total amount I paid was $50! I saved over 75%. I was pleased with the amount of money we saved.

  18. One year I bought my daughter the CUTEST little flowery Easter dress and matching coat set at T.J. Maxx. I know I didn’t pay more than $20 for it. Would have cost a lot more at a department store. We received lots of comments on it. Of course, whenever I’m there I can’t pass the book section by either!

  19. My best story would definitely have to be a TJMax one. They had the most delicious violet handbag. usually I would never spend money on such a loud color bag but the price was slashed from $495 to $80. I couldn’t resist. Best part about it was that I was given $100 so I put $20 into savings lol. It’s okay! I’m allowed to spoil myself with amazing deals once in a while. Woo woo!

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