You are Terrific

We all need help with parenting. Learning from each other and trading tricks and tips is what parenthood is about. I am totally into parenting classes, books, web sites and anything else that will help me learn to be a better parent. Recently, I took a class on parenting that was offered at church. The speaker was fantastic, although he does wear red shoes…mmm (sorry Ridge)…anyway…he had some incredible ideas to help your children grow. I truly can not wait to implement some of them.

I started immediately with a particular handout that was given. It is a list of phrases that help your child to be encouraged and to know they are loved. I am sure you all have seen these particular list but what is amazing is that they work. My husband and I tell the twins daily that we love them and are proud of them. So it is not something they are not use to hearing but on this particular day I tried telling them a different way. One of the phrases is “You’re terrific”. I told the twins, individually, that they were terrific and I could have used the light in their eyes to light our Christmas tree. It was an amazing reaction.

Some how in their little ears and minds…they truly understood a word like“terrific”.

I have the list posted on my refrigerator and am making a point of saying a phrase or two each day.  This may not make me a perfect parent but wow, what an amazing reaction.

~ by iemommy on May 26, 2009.

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