A Warning to Husbands

I was thinking about my husband and what a great guy he is. I am very blessed to have him.  He has a lot of wonderful virtues and it a person that I deeply love and respect.

Since my birthday just passed I was thinking of one my favorite things about my husband. He is a wonderful gift giver.

I know that I did not tell you that he gave me an awesome Netbook Ascer laptop for my birthday along with a fun party. But he did. He has a way of making you feel special. It has nothing to do with the money he spent or the store he shopped at. He just has a way of really knowing what you’d like.

Not just to me but to everyone. During the Christmas season I will knock out 20-30 gifts in a couple of hours. With my list in hand…I can speed through the mall and be done with it!

My husband on the other hand will take weeks looking for the perfect gift. He will think about the person’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, sport affiliations, sizes, lifestyle…everything! With out a doubt his gifts are the  one that leave people grinning from ear to ear. I have seen him spend hours looking for the perfect gift for my mom, my niece, our pastors and our friends.

While I know that I can always rest assure that the gifts from my husband will be thoughtful and though out…I know there are a lot of men in the world that are “challenged” in this area. I have a few in my family….but, um…I won’t name any names they might read this blog.

If you happen to have a husband that just doesn’t quite get it. Click on either icon and they will take you to hilarious videos that you should make sure he sees before your next birthday, anniversary or just because day!

Beware of the Doghouse

Beware of the Doghouse

Things You Don't Say to Your Wife

Things You Don't Say to Your Wife


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