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My name is Dorit and I am the owner of www.trendytreasuresboutique.com. Since I was a little girl, lunch_bagsshopping has always been my passion.  I love shopping for everyone including my family, my friends, and for myself.  I would spend hours searching for the perfect treasure.  My vision is to create a store where I could share my favorite treasures and my hope is Trendy Treasures Boutique will be your Internet destination. We specialize in helping you shop for a new baby, big brother, big sister, new home, your best friend or yourself.  We believe by adding monogramming, you are creating a special touch to make your purchase unique.

I carry items that are trendy, express ones personality, functional, stylish and unique with the majority being custom made. crayonpurseOne of my best selling items is the lunch/snack bag for the kids. You can carry a bottle and lunch in it when your child is young and as they get older you can use it for a snack bag. I use the lunch/snack bag for my older son to carry a water bottle and snacks and use the lunch/snack bag for my twin babies to carry lunch.  And the best part is, there are so many colors and designs to choose from. The Crayola collection, another one of my best sellers, is fantastic because it can keep a child occupied for long period of times and comes in many great colors to choose from.

Another top selling item is my collection of monogrammed bags.  The travel case can be custom made to your imagination.  If you don’t see a design on my website let me know what you are looking for and I will respond with pictures to choose from.  My customers buy it for IMG_1307traveling,  or their bathroom essentials.  They also buy it for their kids to keep in their cubby at school or camp. It comes in all colors and design options and is perfect for a girl or boy.

We also have great selling items for the home that can be used as housewarming or engagement gifts or just a gift for you.  They are functional and stylish because they are made from wood and acrylic and come in many fonts.

I really focus on giving my customers what they are looking for and the highest level of customer service. Being a stay at home mom, I know how hard it is to shop with children.  That is why I provide so many services to make ones shopping experience an easy one.  Some of the my services are sending out cards announcing that a gift has been purchased, working with customers to choose the best items and color/ font combinations and if given a price range and general idea and can search for the perfect item for you and send pictures with options.

IMG_1313I select items to carry on my website that I would love to buy myself or receive as a gift and because they are custom made can be purchased again. My customers buy the Crayola doodlebag as birthday gift over and over again.  As you would expect, I am always looking for new items.  We recently started carrying embellished converse sneakers.  My customers have a choice of four colors and any design you would like.

I hope your readers will check out www.trendytreasuresboutique.com and send me comments, questions and thoughts.  Additionally, I am offering a 10% off coupon code and entry into a raffle with every purchase. Click the Link below to receive your 10% OFF!

May You Always Be Trendy,

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