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  • When did you start your business? We started back in 2005 right here in Australia, and have been building a loyal customer base since then.


  • What was the inspiration behind starting My Lullabug?
    We saw the need to bring fantastic quality Labels and Wall Graphics to the marketplace that were coupled with beautiful designs. So we set about doing just that, and here we are 4 years later still going strong and still making everything in-house using the best quality materials.
  • What is your favorite thing about your business?
    stickon-large-labelsWe love when our customers get in touch and let us know how much they love the Labels or Wall Graphics that they’ve bought from us. We also love launching new products, from designing and production through to promotion, it’s a great thrill to see sales take off on new products and to think of kids all over the world using them.!

  • Any specials or promotions you are willing to offer to The IE Mommy readers?stickon-learn2type-labels
    We would love to give The IE Mommy readers FREE postage on all Label products, with a $5 off coupon. Simply enter in FIVE4ME in the promotional code section of the Shopping Cart and then press submit. $5 will come off your total, easy! This offer expires at the end of June 12, 09.



Having twins means having pretty much two of everything….and I do mean EVERYTHING. Of stickon-preschool-kit2course, as I am sure you can guess...two of everything...means a lot of arguments on which item belongs to which twin!

We spend a lot of time deciding which Leapster,  helmet, toy, radio, watch, camera, car, Barbie, shoes, back pack and so on belongs to which twin. If you are sensing my frustration at this situations then you will understand why we were delighted to review the Bright Star Kids Split Label pack! Wow! Talk about headache medicine. This has been a fantastic find and would recommendthat any mom pick up a pack or two.

Recently my mom bought the girls very cute pink Radio Flyer scooters. The scooters look exactly the same and within minutes the argument began. “That’s mine!” “No, it’s not! Your scooter is outside”. This time I was prepared. Instead of pulling out my Excedrin Migraine I pulled out the Bright Star Kids labels and placed one smack in the center of each scooter. Ta-Da! I have done the same “magic” trick on their Leapsters, Water bottles and lip balm. Problem solved! These wonderful labels are 100% waterproof and heat resistant so you can place them on anything.

The twins have really enjoyed “pride of ownership” with their labels and it has helped them to be a bit more considerate regarding the care and whereabouts of  their own personal items. With our large and small split packs we have labeled many items and still have a lot of labels left. The packs are generous and come in their own resealable plastic bag for storage….plus you will receive an 40-free-aboutadditional 40 tiny labels FREE with your order.

Bright Star Kids has a wonderful label maker option that allows you to view the colors, icons and even allergy alert tags. For a visual person such as myself this was a wonderful asset. I could design and view my labels before I ordered them. It was a perfect tool to create a fun product for my girls.

I love being organized. I am a chart, to-do list type of person and these fun, colorful and useful labels from Bright Star help me and my kids stay right on track….aww…being organized is so awesome!



ONE (1) Lucky IE Mommy readers will Win ONE Split Label Kit of their choice

Contest will run ONE WEEK ONLY! Ends MIDNIGHT (PST) – June 6th.
Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on June 7th
Contest Open to U.S. Residents Only at this time.



  • TO ENTER :
    • Visit Bright Star Kids and tell me how many different kinds of Split Label Kits are available = ONE ENTRY
    • Tell The IE Mommy “WHY” you’d like to win a Split Label kit = ONE ENTRY
      *These 2 entries are mandatory, if it is not followed then all other entries will be disqualified. You must have the correct answer for the # of kits.
    • Post my button (html on rt.side bar) to your site = ONE ENTRY
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    • Sign up for the Bright Star Kids newsletter here You must tell them the IE Mommy sent you in the message box = THREE ENTRIES
  • Remember YOU MUST leave a comment for each step…in order to be eligible for the entries.


The IE Mommy is always looking for products, companies and sites to review. If you have or know of a company, product or site that could use an IE Mommy review. Email me at theiemommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

**Information obtained from the Bright Star Kids Press Kit & Website.


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  1. I am counting 7 different split label kits, hope this is right!!!

  2. The nursery at church has us use regular labels which gum up the cups and bags and sometimes fall off as soon as they are applied. I have used these labels before and really like them!

  3. I subscribe!

  4. Signed up for the newsletter

  5. Not sure how to post the link from my comment on their blog, so here goes:
    angela h tville said…
    You have such a great product! The IE Mommy has a great post about you. aht

    11:01 PM

  6. Under the Label Value Kits, there are 11.

  7. I’d like to win these so when my daughter goes to day care she doesn’t come home with any more missing items! (We’ve had more than one)

  8. Subscriber & follower

  9. I’m counting 11 under the Label Value Kits link, I hope that’s it.

  10. I’d like to win these because my so is starting kindergarten in the Fall, and I need to label all his stuff.

  11. Suscriber.

  12. There are 9 Split Label Kits .

  13. These are great for kids and adults. I can label all of my grandchildrens things and there have been times when my Mom has to recupe and some of her items were missing. If I labed her items ,there would have been no problems

  14. subscriber

  15. Posted button

  16. Favorite on Technorati

  17. Sign up for the Bright Star Kids newsletter and put in IE Mommy in the message box! #1

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  19. Sign up for the Bright Star Kids newsletter and put in IE Mommy in the message box! #3

  20. oops guessed wrong ,answer is 7 Split Label Kits .

  21. Must be seven then! Thanks for the 2nd chance!

  22. I’ve counted 7 of them. This would be great because I have two sons that are close in age and it’d help separate their items.

  23. I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  24. 7 out of the 11 kits are split label.

  25. I subscribe and follow via email.

  26. I would like to win these to label my kids’ things – that way there won’t be any arguments!

  27. I count 7

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  31. There are 7 split label kits.

  32. I would like to put labels on the kids toys.

  33. I counted 7 Split Label kits.
    I would like to win these because I take my 2 nephews to activities and this would be perfect to label their things.

  34. I Subscribe & Follow your blog via email.

  35. 7 Split Label Kits

  36. My kids frequently lose things at school. These would really help.

  37. subscribe and follow

  38. Put your button on my blog.

  39. Faved you on technorati.

  40. Signed up for the Bright Star Kids newsletter.

  41. 2.Signed up for the Bright Star Kids newsletter.

  42. 3.Signed up for the Bright Star Kids newsletter.

  43. I’m counting 7 Split Label Kits.

  44. I would like to win these labels because my son already lost a couple of things at the preschool. I really need to label all his things. Thank You!

  45. Signed up for the newsletter.

  46. Signed up for the newsletter. #2 entry

  47. Signed up for the newsletter.#3 entry

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