You know sometimes you just need a simple word of encouragement to brighten your day. Something simple to tell “You’re doing okay”

This morning I received that word and it was simply “awwww” and it came from an adorable five year old.

I was making pancakes this morning when I decided to use my cookie cutter and create a pumpkin pancake for the twins.

Not too hard to do…add a couple of chocolate chip eyes and a whipped cream mouth and “ta da!” a pumpkin.

I set the plate on the table and called the girls to breakfast. Rylan got there first and said “awww”. It wasn’t just any awww

it was an “I’m proud of you mom and thank you for doing this for me” aww.  When I looked at her face she had one of those smiles that travels up to your eyes.

It was one of those moments that moms long for. Right now I’m flying high…all from one little word.

I’m sure that my day will be filled with other not as inpiring Mom moments but for now and this moment….I’m doing okay!

~ by iemommy on May 29, 2009.

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  1. I have to agree “Awww…” describes this post perfectly!

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