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A LITTLE ABOUT WET HAPPENED:sizinglabeled was founded in March 2005 by two girls in various stages of life, Kailynn Bowling and Nikki Gutshall. Introduced by their good friend, Lara Stoll (Nugget of Truth writer), they realized that they shared the same entrepreneurial sprit as the three of them frequented the garment district in Los Angeles for “finds” to sell on eBay. With backgrounds in Advertising/Marketing and Management, the girls began a journey to create something unique to positively impact other women while also using their gifts and talents fueled by their entrepreneurial drive.

After months of planning and brainstorming (and a good share of Vanilla Lattes), was born and has evolved into the premier avenue of engaging young women and providing guidance for life! It’s the “girlfriend’s guide for the road of life” regardless of the stage a girl is in—whether single, dating, getting married, having a baby or pursuing her career. There is something for everyone!

Each of the “roads” provides guidance with a fun twist including unique resources, practical articles, reality Internet, videos, blogs, shopping tips, an on-line store, daily inspiration… and more!**

  • Baggies Be Gone! Made for fashionable moms, the Wet Happened? TM wet bags are perfect for all those times you need to separate your wet items. Perfect for: * Soiled Clothing or Bibs * Wet Bathing Suits * Dirty Diapers * Potty Training * Gym Clothes * and much more! Sizes: Medium 11 by 14 inches, Large 14 by 17 inches Washable, Re-usable, Environmentally Friendly**



Initially when I saw the “Wet Happened” bag I wanted to review it for my niece because she is still in diapers and I thought this would be a great help when I am babysitting.ItzyRitzy_219_857

But when I received it and saw how generous it was in size I knew that I could come up with a lot of  great ideas for using the “Wet Happened” Zippered Wet Bag. The medium bag is 11 x 14″ and the large is 14×17″.

Every year my daughters and I attend swimming classes during the summer. Every year I am lugging wet swimsuits back to the house. Yuck! We started classes again a few weeks ago and “Presto Change-O” the wet suits fit perfect inside the Wet Happened back.  I did not have to worry about nasty, wet clothes in my car or in my bag. It was a perfect solution! Loved it!

I discovered another great use while my girls were sick recently. If you recall they had really high fevers. They love having a cool wash rag placed on their foreheads when their fevers were really high.  When they were done with the rag they generally just lay it beside them…I found a lot of wet bed sheets and sofa pillows. I decided to leave the “Wet Happened” bag right next to them and when they were done with the wash cloth they could put it inside the bag until they wanted to use it again later! Once again  a perfect solution!

ItzyRitzy_229_894It also came in  handy when we went on mini-weekend vacation over mother’s day. It was a great place to store your shower poufs and gels so they wouldn’t leak all over your suitcase.

This unassuming bag is re-usable, washable, accessible, environmentally friendly and very fashionable. With a wide variety of patterns and two sizes…you will want to get one of each.

I am sure my ideas for using the zippered wet bag will not end….after all, “Wet Happens!”

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