Tornado On Wheels…

I have a very organized home and most of the time it is fairly clean. No, I am not Martha Stewart or the Proverbs 31 women but I am a bit of a neat freak.

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight….this only applies to my home. My car is a completely different matter.

I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions on how you keep your car clean and organized with children. Frankly, I can not get it right. It would appear no matter how much I clean that vehicle…it still remains messy!

Juice boxes, wrappers, books, dolls….once I found a small animal! My darling husband has suggested that we buy a new “bigger” vehicle to help solve the problem. Let me share a secret with you, I don’t want one!   I am terrified that it will not stay clean. What if the twins begin some crazy scientific experiment in the back seat? What if I find another animal but this one has mutated into a different species?

Now, before I go on, and you really think I’ve “lost my marbles”. Take a moment and view this You-Tube video. It is a bit long but I really think you will be laughing hysterically by the end.

And by the way….this is NOT my car, but very close.

P.S. Please remember that the IE Mommy does not condone drinking and driving. Personally I don’t drink at all…so when you see the video, please just see the humor and not the ZIMA


~ by iemommy on May 30, 2009.

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