A Kid’s Soap Opera

DISP7932 Disney Princess Barbie with TiaraMy girls have a wonderful imagination and I could sit for hours eavesdropping on their playtime. It as if they have their very own mini soap opera.

I can only imagine what it would be called if were to go prime time. Perhaps…All My Little Ponies, General Preschool or maybe, The Young and The Napless would work?

All I know is that Mariposa Barbie is now married to Unicornia, the Little Pony. Who for the time being is a boy unicorn and not a girl. We only have one Ken and so far he has been married to Dalmatian Barbie, Island Princess Barbie, and the mom from My Little Family and Baby Alive!

The twins have had exploits on Venus, Mars and China. Not to mention that their characters have numerous jobs and careers. Sometimes the characters are My-little-pony“moms” and they you can hear them scolding their children about picking up, cleaning, washing their hands, etc. Maybe that mirrors real life a bit too much but it is fun to get inside their world.

Recently Rylan introduced me to her “imaginary” boyfriend. He is a Financial Planner / Doctor, age 32, no children or previous marriages and has blue eyes and no tattoos. I thought it was hilarious and began grilling her on what her curfew was, where they were going and what she was going to wear. She tried to invite Daddy into the game but he didn’t quite get it. I think it may have hit too close to home for him. After all he cringes at the thought of them ever dating.

When the twins were about two Skylar asked me if the sky had to be blue. My answer was no. I explained to her that when we use our imagination the colors can be anything and so can we.

Dora-the-explorer-logo1I hope that one day they will realize that there is truth to this and that they themselves can be anything…it only takes a little imagination and desire.

In the meantime…I will be listening to my preschool soap opera…how else will I know if Simba will escapes the snare of the evil Queen Dora the Explorer?


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  1. This made me laugh because I used to do this when I was a little girl! My mom taped me a couple of times because she said I came up with the craziest stories 🙂

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