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Did you ever wish, you had a shopping checklist handy each time you went to a grocery store or a mall? Ever thought of a tool to keep a tab on weekly shopping needs? Or create a grocery list and pass on to your friends?

In an age of Multi-tasking and Time Management, even seemingly mundane things can play spoilers. How about we help organize those routines for you?
If you are like many of us who need an efficient way of managing this shopping routine you have just reached the right place.

We all have had those clumsy moments while shopping; when we forgot something crucial and had to make multiple trips to the store. We had moments where we had to drill deep inside our non-cooperative memory just to recollect one item right at the counter.

When time is of essence and efficiency is the name of the game, you need to be equipped with tools to help you manage better., is one such personal tool. Give it a shot. We are sure, you’d find it extremely easy to use. Create a list by store, click and print. You do not even have to login into the system. Although, if you do register and login your shopping history will be saved and you won’t need to create a list from scratch every time you visit

Lets you easily create your grocery shopping list.
It can also be used to create any kind of shopping list.
Our intuitive interface lets you quickly create your list.
Create list of your favorite items and favorite shops and even link them to help speed it up.**



I generally go grocery shopping every week. Generally I have most of the same staples needed every week.  You know Milk, eggs, bread and so  on…but on some weeks the grocery shopping list is a little more intensive and detailed.benefit_main_pic

Programs like help keep everything organized, tidy and ready to go a moment’s notice. I usually write my grocery list down on the back of an envelope, note paper sheet or even on the back of a utility bill.

With I can create my own unique shopping list that will include products that I personally choose. While List2Shop has a lot of products they do not have all the products in the entire world. So, if you don’t find what you are looking for specifically you can simply add it to your list!

You can even add your favorite store or your own personal name for an item! For example…not that I buy these often…but my girls call Gummy Bears “Gummy Gums” so I can add the words “Gummy Gums” to my list when I want to buy them a sweet treat. You can set up your favorites and if you become a member the List2Shop website will save your shopping list information. No need to re-enter your information. Just one click and you’re ready to print your “List 2 Shop”.


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**Information obtained from the List2Shop Press Info & Website**


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  1. Great Site….i love using it. It saves you money, time and ofcourse multiple trips to grocery store.

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