Spotlight on “The Scarlett” (Review)



The Scarlett is a Sunglass Cleaner and Cell Phone Buffer that stores conveniently on the outside of your bag making it THE Perfect Accessory!

Don’t scratch your glasses or cell phone while trying to clean them with “whatever’s around”, use a Scarlett! The Scarlett is made from an extremely soft micro fiber poly-lycra, so there will be no scratches on your precious gems. It also extends the life of your handbag, by accessorizing with each season, or even each day!**



I love fashion…if you have read this blog at all…you already know that fact. What you may not scarlett_003realize is that while I love fashion, I don’t necessarily like to spend a lot of money trying to be fashionable. I enjoy the “Trendy, current” looks but don’t enjoy spending huge dollars.

Items like the Scarlett are a blessing. With a very simple switch you can turn a very everyday ordinary purse, handbag or back pack into something gorgeous.

But why stop at just handbags? Use them as accent on your key ring or your belt. For mere pennies you are able to transform your handbag into something new and refreshing anytime you wish to change it up. With thirteen different patterns there is bound to be something to fit every mood and personality.

If you happen to look at any fashion magazines you’ll see that the a scarf tied around your purse or handbag is the latest trend. I was able to review a gorgeous red and paisley print Scarlett called “Hippie Chic”. How cute is that? Huh? I received a lot of compliments. Many people would question: “What’s that?” when they saw my Scarlett. People were intriqued with how something so simple could make such a statement.

Time to be a star, don’t you think? Try a Scarlett! Star Power…


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**Information obtained from the The Fumi Press Info & Website**


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