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Violet Love’s SIGNATURE Headband Line. Limited Edition Couture Prints on buttery soft fabrics, perforated fabrics, as well as Couture Solids to match any outfit. Find out what has made Violet Love the top headband in the market and why it has been revered as the “the NO Headache Headband” by Health Magazine and the Today Show. Purple leaves & plum vines combine to create a playful montage on VL SIGNATURE buttery soft stretch fabric**


THE IE MOMMY SAYS: LongNeckLoveHeadbandP772

You will find me with either two styles of hair. The first style is what I wear when I am going to church, meetings or date nights with my honey. My hair is down, blow dried, flat ironed and curled. It looks good. It’s looks professional and it takes time to do.

The other style and the most common way you’ll see me with my hair is either pulled back in a pony tail or pulled up wit a clippie. When I am home I can not stand to have my hair fall in my face. I seldom wear headbands because I get massive migraines and headband generally give me mini headaches that turn into full blown migraines.

TheRedCarpetHeadbandS322But…I love the “look” of a headband. Your hair is away from your face but down and stylish. When I first learned of the Violet Love Signature headband…I was a bit hesitant at it’s claim to be the No Headache Headband.

I tried with curiosity and trepidation. But….(are you ready for it?) IT WORKS! I have worn my Violet love headband in Milan for the last three days and it works perfect. The stretchy, soft, lightweight fabric holds my hair in place (all day!) and does not pinch, twist, tear or poke at my head! MilanHeadbandP1812

With over 20 patterned and solid colors you are sure to find one, two or three perfect headbands for your wardrobe.

If you are a headache sufferer or just want to have a more polished daily look…this is the perfect accessory for you!



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**Information obtained from the ChicBlvd Press Info & Website**


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