What Customer Service?

customer serviceI worked many years in the jewelry industry. During that time I was trained in the art of sales. I learned about sales pitches, turning a sale over and closing a sale. But the most important lesson I learned was Customer Service.

The most valuable lesson: “If you do not treat your customer well someone else will.” The customer was not necessarily always right but you worked hard to make things right for them, to have them remember you and your company and want to come back.

It appears there is a new generation of sales people out there and they just do not care!

They are everywhere. I have found them at upscale, specialty stores and at discount stores. Have you noticed? Sales people with out a concern for you or your purchase.
They have a lack of enthusiasm about you, their job or their products.

On two separate shopping trips to Michael’s and Joanne’s I was told the product I was looking for was “over there”. At Gymboree I was informed that “what we got is what we got” as she walked away… and during a recent trip to Barnes & Noble bookstore after walking around 2 levels of the store… I finally found a sales associate whose reply to my book title inquiry was “Uh…no we don’t got it.”

What happened to “Let me take you to the item” or “Perhaps I can check another store for you” or “I am sorry it appears to not be in stock at this time?”

This negative customer service is apparent in the food industry as well. Despite the fact that I just spent $25 on food during a recent trip to a drive-thru I was told that extra BBQ sauce would be .27 each! Does the cost of BBQ sauce seem worth the loss of a $25 sale? Is a repeat customer not important any longer?

We are facing difficult economic times. You would think someone in the retail industry would step it up. It does not take a lot to make a customer smile and to return to your store or restaurant. Competition is tough. There are many retail and food establishments to choose from. Make me “want” to be at your store or restaurant. You have an entire world that would like some customer service. Don’t lose your chance to save or gain a customer.



~ by iemommy on June 2, 2009.

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  1. BRAVO! Well Said! and AMEN SISTER!

  2. I totally agree! Walmart recently lost my business for good when a manager starting swearing at me in Spanish for using coupons. Very sad.

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