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Kimberly Martinez is a ‘Momtrepreneur’ who lost her son at the beach for almost 25 minutes. After that harrowing experience, she wanted to develop a tool to help families reconnect quickly if they get separated. This is “her story”.

It was a beautiful day. Though the water was cold and the waves rough, the kids were happy to simply bury each other in the sand, running back and forth to the ocean’s edge to fill their buckets and chasing seagulls. My husband had stayed home so I was alone and kept scanning the horizon to check on the kids. Then I repeated my head count for the millionth time. Suddenly, my four-year-old son, Brett, was not with the other children.

I frantically ran up and down the beach. No one remembered my little boy. I felt helpless, not even sure which direction to run but I searched north and south, looked among sand dunes and bushes. No Brett.

It was too rough to have gone swimming but every five minutes I scanned the waves in panic, watching for a bobbing head. Finally, I decided to call the police and just before I dialed 911, the cell phone rang. It was my husband. He had just spoken to a woman who had our son safely with her. I ran to the location described, held my trembling four-year-old in my arms and collapsed into the sand. That was the longest 23 minutes of my life.

Although I had taught Brett to find a grownup with a name tag when he was lost, that wasn’t helpful when people were wearing bathing suits and no lifeguards were around. But he had felt safe going up to a mom on the beach and asking for help. My son had been taught his home number and the clever woman used her cell phone to call my husband and provide their whereabouts. I’m just glad my husband had been there to receive the call!

Having a young child remember the numbers for all the caregivers in his life – parents, grandparents, baby sitter, preschool teacher – was unrealistic. But I did find a way to help separated children reunite more quickly with their caregiver. The Guardian Angel Bracelet is a waterproof, durable bracelet that lets the caregiver write their own cell phone number. The child is taught that, if they are lost, they should go to the first mommy they see and ask her to call the number.

Losing a child is one of the greatest fears that parents face. I hope the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID helps protect your child. **



GA-playgroundI have twins. I have been on “high alert” since the day they have been born. I teach my children the precautions of strangers, what to do if lost and the fact that they should always, without exception, be able to “see” mommy.

But let’s face facts…they are children and it only takes a second for one of them to walk away, even innocently.

Has that ever happened to you? I know that it has to me! Generally they are on the other side of the aisle but still for that brief moment your heart is beating.

When I first found the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID…I thought they were a wonderful concept. They are great for little kids but equally as wonderful for aging parents.

You can personalize your Guardian Angel Bracelet ID with your home phone, cell phone or the information of your child’s or adult’s caretaker. Because they are adjustable bracelets they can fit on any size wrist and will not come off until you take them off.  Made of durable, water resistant plastic they are easier to wear and keep your “loved ones”, regardless of age….safer.

Because the Guardian Angel Bracelet ID has such a passion for the safety or our loved ones…in addition to the awesome giveaway below…they are offering all The IE Mommy readers 20% discount on any packet of bracelets. Use the code “iemommy”.**AND** for a fun little twist…the 3rd, 6th, and 9th purchasers receive a 10 pack of bracelets FREE!



This is your opportunity to win one of three fantastic prizes! Your prize choices are:


  • TO ENTER : In order to participate in the end of the month contest all YOU have to do is sign up for the “Your Angel’s Watching” parent’s monthly safety newsletter on the Guardian Angel website. Winner will be randomly selected on June 30th!


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**Information obtained from The Guardian Angel Bracelet ID Press Kit and Website.

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  16. Losing a kid is one kind of experience I wouldn’t want to have and yet it makes sense to have something like this so that the kind soul who found the kid can make a call to the parents.

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