What Did You Say?

I love to hear children talking. It is just too cute. Children at this age have an amazing grasp of the English vocabulary and sometimes amaze you with what the words they use. But, since they are still children…sometimes the words they use do not quite sound as eloquent as they should.

I volunteer in the children’s ministry at my church and always get a chuckle at the words the little ones try to use.

Here are some words that Rylan, Skylar and some of their friends try to say in their own special, cute way. I’d love to hear what some of your little ones come up with?

  • Rawlynn = Rylan
  • LickUps = Lip Gloss or Lipstick
  • Hopstable = Hospital
  • Gistusting = Disgusting
  • WheelChurro = Wheel chair
  • Eiffel Tower = Apple Tower
  • Aprie Skins = Capri Suns
  • Didtar = Guitar
  • Chill Down = Chill Out
  • Panda Usspress = Panda Express
  • Mudder = Mother
  • Fadder = Father

Hey! Let’s have some fun with this…tell me the cutest thing your child has ever said or the cutest story and we’ll pick three winners to get a fun snail mail prize from me, The IE Mommy.

What you think? Wanna play?

Deadline: June 10th PST MIDNIGHT


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8 Responses to “What Did You Say?”

  1. Here is one of my favorites from my 2 year old daughter Kayla:

    After having a discussion about China:
    Me: Do you know where China is?
    Kayla: In my big girl underwear!!
    (Yes, she thought of something that sounds similar to “China”)

    I try and keep track of as many as I can on my blog so I don’t forget them later on in life

  2. Somehow ‘french fries’ became ‘plah-plah’s; McDonald’s then became ‘the plah-plah place.’

    And ‘sup-ghetti’ is always a dinnertime favorite.

  3. my son was doing a “watch the moon” project in class that lasted 1 month…they made drawings of the moon each night etc….he couldn’t find the moon one night. he came in and asked “Mom, can I use the flashlight, I can’t find the darn moon tonight!~!!” omg my hubby and i were dying!!!

  4. I have lost track of all of the funny things my daughter says. She is 4 now and has given me 4 years of great laughs. She has always been opioniated and headstrong.
    Just a few weeks ago her dad and I picked her up from school and we told her that we were just going to see where the car takes us today. She realized that we were headed in the same direction as DeeDee’s (grandma’s) house. She screamed “I know where we are going, we are going to DeeDee’s!” We just kept telling her that we had no clue where the car was taking us and listing all of the places that the car could be taking us, she was certian that we were going to DeeDee’s house and when we pulled up in her driveway she started screaming from the back of the car “You see, I told you, If you would have just listened to me in the first place we would not have had to sit here and wonder where we were going!” She got out of the car, ran up to Dee Dee and said “Mommy and Daddy just don’t listen, I told them that we were going to your house but did they believe me? No!” She was acting like a grownup! We did everything we could not to laugh as she walked into Dee Dee’s house shaking her head repeating “I told you! I told you we were going to DeeDee’s but did you listen, NO!” over and over again!
    We still play the “Let’s see where the car is taking us today” game but we NOW remember to bring the video camera! LOL

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  6. My little one is only 4 months old and is too young to talk (well, she’s too young to say things that we understand…she certainly talks) BUT I am a first grade teacher and my kids’ this year have been learning to say things that “build each other up” rather than “tear each other down” so anytime anyone says something to tear down I make them build that person back up. Here’s the scenario:

    A little boy (we’ll call him Sammy) walks up to me in tears and manages to get this out:

    Sammy: Mrs. K, Jamie (name changed) just called me a dirty dog.

    Me: Jamie, please come up here. Did you call Sammy a dirty dog?

    Jammie nods her head yes.

    Me: You tore him down, now build him back up.

    Jamie: stands thinking and then tears well up in her eyes before she comes up with, “I’m really sorry Sammy, next time I will call you a clean dog.”

    OH! And their favorite word for this year? Hanitizer (Hand Sanitizer)

  7. My friend had twins ( boy and girl) one day after they visited the bathroom Susy commented after seeing how easily Joey went to the bathroom if she get one of those too.Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  8. My nephew cannot say my name, so he calls me Heaber. One day I was playing with him and instead of calling me Heber he called me Pincess. Now everytime I go to play with him he screams pincess(He can’t say princess).

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