We may not want to admit it…but we have all had them. Those days when we say “UNCLE”!  You know as in “we give up”. It is those days that the kids have won!

Maybe it is too much candy, too little sleep, or just the weather. It is those days that nothing you can say, do, threaten or bribe will make your angels (read with sarcasm) behave.

I had one of those “Uncle” moments recently at the Sizzlers. My daughters and I had invited my sister to dinner. Food was good, service excellent. But whose daughters were these? Oh! Right! They are mine! (imagine sheepish grin)

It began when Rylan pulled her sister’s hair. Which caused “The” scream!  I slid a little lower in my chair as I requested “indoor voices” be used.   Skylar was obviously tired at this point and decided she had enough to eat.  She proceeded to lay down and stretch her silver princess shoes up toward the restaurant blinds. I was mortified. My scolding landed on deaf ears. My sister enjoyed the  scenario a little too much. She tried to stifle a giggle but well, yeah..that did not work. Big surprise, huh? It got worse when the girls discovered Jello! They began to make it wiggle on their plate, in their hands, and on their napkins… I was done!

I sat there and stared at my daughters and at the restaurant patrons whispering and watching.

I wanted to be at Chuck E. Cheese! Yes! That’s where we should be…a place they can run, jump, play with their food, yell and scream. Supposedly…where a “kid can be a kid”. Ever notice how happy and peaceful the moms look in those commercials?

Why are they smiling? Why do I want to be a Chuck E. Cheese…I mean, it is not like they have world famous pizza. It’s not that the customers at Chuck E. Cheese are more tolerant.

It is because as you look at the other peoples children screaming on the floor, dashing around on sugar highs, rushing to the next game and going through tokens like they gummy bears…you are encouraged to know there are other children worse than yours. Yes! Your children suddenly seem a bit more angelic.

But….there is something just a bit more reassuring at Chuck E. Cheese. It happens quickly. Something amazing happens…you lock eyes with another parent. You don’t need words, the world stands still, your spirits meet and  you both know it. You’re saying “UNCLE!”! You both have lost and given in. It is a simple, the kids’ won!

It really is a beautiful moment.


~ by iemommy on June 6, 2009.

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  1. I often feel the same at restaurants, honey, you are NOT alone!

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