Small Talk Six – My Twins ROCK!

Small Talk Six is a fun Saturday post hosted at Mom Dot. Each week we are asked a question. Each participant post their answers on their blog.

This weekend’s question:

6 things about your children that you are proud of:

1) They love Jesus. Skylar can say some of the most beautiful prayers that you have ever  heard from a child. Heartfelt and loving….really beautiful to listen to.church4 (2)

2) They have incredible manners. They always say “excuse me”, “please” and “thank you”. We get a lot of compliments on this and it just makes me beam.


3) They are full of mischief. While it may tire me out and sometimes drive me up the wall….inside I love it. I love that their minds are always working, rolling and figuring new things out. Especially Rylan…she has an imagination that won’t stop!


4) We finished Home School Kindergarten!!! Yeah! Praise the Lord. While that may not seem like a big deal to some. Just figure that in one school year…the twins learned the sounds of their vowels, consonants, a short and long vowel sound, to read, simple addition and subtraction, their phone number, their address, the pledge of allegiance, the days of the week, the months of the year, how to spell, how to write, how to tell time, how to recognize coins, count by 2’s, 5’s and 10′.  That is a lot for little minds. I am very proud of them.


5) They are always aware of other people’s feelings. They are very political correct in the way they speak to others. Never do they maliciously or without thought just make a comment to someone in a mean way.


6)They are my best friends. They give my life meaning and I wouldn’t have a clue what do to without them beside me. We are a team (daddy too) and I am proud of my girls for being who they are, who God made them and I love every moment with them.



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6 Responses to “Small Talk Six – My Twins ROCK!”

  1. Your girls are beautiful and it sounds like they are growing up both smart and sweet. I can see why you are proud.

  2. What beautiful girls. I love the one of them hugging.

  3. What a wonderful list! They sound like amazing little girls! And the photos are adorable!

  4. great pictures and what great reason so proud

  5. You girls are beautiful! You have done a great job! I am proud you are able to homeschool twins.

  6. Great list! We have twins too. It is scary #3 how their minds are always working. I call them my evil geniuses. You have beautiful little girls.

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