Halos and Horns…Time to Rant & Rave!


Sunday are days for resting, relaxing, church and family but I have decided that it will also be a day for “Halos  & Horns”

Halos & Horns will be a weekly feature that you are free to join in and link up to.

It will be the one day a week that I will be able to rant about any product, company, situation, person or item. If they make that list they will be awarded “Horns”.

But it will also me a day that I will be able to praise about any product, company, situation, person or item. If they make that list they will be awarded “Halos”.

I invite you to join in and either praise or rant but please keep all rants family friendly..if you have to use language that is questionable, please don’t link up.

angelSalsa Sunday – A huge, fun event that we have every year at my church. We have authentic Mexican food catered and sombreros abound. This year our Pastor hired a Mariachi band and it was fun to listen to some cultural sounds while chowing away on chicken, rice, beans and tortillas.


RobAnne, Connie, Karen, Sherry, Holly and Rena – You ladies Rock. If you ever are blessed to have such amazing women in your life…you will have a very blessed life. These ladies helped me to decorate and prepare for today’s Salsa Sunday. Never have I asked for help or favor that they haven’t raised their hands and said “I’ll help”…anytime I can return the favor…I am there for you…no doubt.

angelA Mom in Red High Heels –Tammy is a sweet friend that knows a lot about fashion, makeup, skincare and everything trendy. Need some “know how” swing on by AMRHH

angel 191 Unlimited – You are going to want to know more about this company because they are offering an amazing Father’s Day giveaway via The IE Mommy. 10 Winners will receive a 191 Unlimited shirt.!!!

angelThe Young clerk at Party City She gave my girls a balloon Free.

Made their day. They played with their balloons and smiled all day long. Something so simple just made their day.


hornsPopeye’s Chicken & McDonald’s – I am so frustrated with both of these outlets. They have decided to charge extra for sauce. They will only allow you a certain number of sauces with your meal and then they will charge. I just don’t get it. Sorry…I really don’t.

If I spend $30 at your restaurant are you seriously telling me  you are not going to let me have another BBQ or ranch for my meal? Of course  you are not, you are just going to charge be an extra quarter.  Sounds like not smart business if you ask me. Why loose $30 because of .25?

The Manager at McDonald’s told me it was because “other” people wanted to use Ranch for their fries and used up all the Ranch so now we have to be rationed. Say What? Sounds like poor ordering on management’s part. I can not stand this. If I order a cheeseburger and want to use Ranch instead of Ketchup isn’t that my choice? I mean, this is America, right? UGH!

hornsLowe’s Home Center – What is up Lowe’s? I spent over $2,000 in new appliances and I have heard excuse after excuse on why they are not yet delivered. The first time you actually told me that another salesman sold my set off the delivery truck. Yes, my set of washer and dryer. The one I already paid for the one that I am not going to have a vacation this year because of…you sold it to someone else? After my husband called you, numerous times, you finally said my oven and dishwasher were ready for delivery….but still no washer and dryer. Today I received a call telling me they would finally be here sometime between 11 and 3 tomorrow? Are you kidding me? You know we could have gone to Harlow’s and had everything already installed, free delivery and set-up but nooooo we chose to go with Lowe’s. Think I’ll think twice about that next time. What do you think?

hornsThe lady at In-N-Out yesterday! You totally cut me off. Maybe this isn’t a big deal to you but you saw my car was there first…you were driving so fast that I slowed down and you cut me off! I love In-N-Out too but really are you that hungry?

Ok…you’re turn! Leave a comment that you are playing and make sure you leave a link to your post too!.


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