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Award-winning artist Kim Lugar has been creating art with clay for over 30 years. From her Scappoose, Oregon studio, Kim ships orders to wholesale customers throughout the country, and internationally. Her designs have helped raise funds for a number of charities including breast cancer research, CASA, City of Hope, Charity USA, the Komen Foundation and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Kim’s timeless diversity items are among her most popular, but it is hard for her signecklacerot1customers to choose from among over 400 (and counting) items. Often dreaming up new designs in her sleep, she is never short of ideas and the only limit to her infinite creativity and boundless energy is the number of hours in a day.

Looking for something new for your retail store? Whether your shop specializes in high-end clothing, Americana, or something in-between, Kim’s enormous variety of handcrafted items display exceptionally well and have wide appeal. Carded on embossed jewelry stock, and wrapped in clear cellophane sleeves, her pieces are a fun and effective way to increase your average sale. The shopper looking to treat herself or to make someone else’s day will find these small, affordable items, made in the US, to be just right.

Working directly with the artist, you can create an order tailored for your location and clientele. Take a look around the site and visit the gallery to get an idea of the amazing selection of flowers, seasonal, and inspirational pins, ornaments, earrings, and necklaces.**



There is something extra special about wearing jewelry that is unique and one of a kind.  It gives you a sense of magic…as if no one is quite as distinctive as you are.rainslickerbig

A Clay Art Jewelry is created by Kim Lugar and each piece is created with style, uniqueness, flair and mastery. You will not find a run of the mill pin or pendent among her many vast galleries.

The IE Mommy received a whimsical, sweet dog and cat lapel pin that has such intricate detail it is more of a wearable piece of art then merely jewelry.

With a career that started with Nordstroms’ as her first account…Kim has created a wonderful collection of pins that is every changing, growing and evolving. Currently her galleries consist of flowers, Inspirational, Seasonal, Rainy Day, Diversity and Snow categories,  to name a few. My personal favorites are the Rainy Day and the Snow collections.

snowbigThe detail and inspiration is clearly visible when you behold a A Clay Art Studio design. The exceptional skill and style is a apparent in each of her designs. They are beautiful and truly works of art.

Take a moment to browse her galleries…for a limited time The IE Mommy readers can receive FREE shipping on any order …A Clay Art Studio carries beautiful jewelry that is in a class by itself.



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**Information obtained from the Clay Art Studio Press Kit and/or Website.


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