What Happened To Clean Restrooms?

potty778321I am envious of mothers with boys. They seem to have it so much easier when they have “potty” emergencies!

Recently the twins and I were at an upscale event and the bathrooms were horrendous!

They were so bad that I was trying to convince the twins to wait until we got home. I knew full well there might be an accident. The accident seemed a safer choice then using the bathrooms. We ended up leaving the event early.

There is something that turns my stomach when you go to a restaurant and the bathroom is disgusting. It is terrible when you are shopping and the bathroom is so gross you don’t want to even touch the faucet.

Having little girls is a rough situation. We must sit! No two ways around it.  My husband has a completely unique situation when he can not find a family bathroom. The poor man actually knows of a few family bathrooms that he will rush the girls to if there is a need. Generally they are few and far between. Many times their outings are cut short because of it.

Listen up, Business Owners, Stores and Restaurants…..we need clean bathrooms and we need family bathrooms!

Your bathroom is a clear reflection of your business and your home. If I have to keep mine clean….you’d need to keep yours clean too!

I am going to have to create a schematic of the “clean” bathrooms in our area just for those moments of emergencies.

Which leads me to another question…why do “children’s stores” not have bathrooms accessible to children? I have been in quite a few stores for kids. You know the stores. They carry toys, shoes, and clothing specifically for children but will not allow you to use their bathrooms. Did they not think that their clientele, kids, might need to go potty while mommy was shopping? I generally don’t back to those stores.

Ok…now that I’ve made a big stink (no pun intended)…let’s hear the stories!


~ by iemommy on June 10, 2009.

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  1. Ughh! I agree! I have two boys and unfortunately the like to sit!

  2. You are so dead on! Im sick of disgusting potties!!!! We are so more likely to spend more $$$ if our bladders arent exploding! come on businesses! like it’s hard work or something to maintain a bathroom! good grief!

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