Wordfilled Wednesday – Hosanna


While this may be such a simple picture…I love the words. Try changing the words and you will see the profound statement it makes.

“You are the God who saves Me…worthy of all my praise..
Come have your way…I welcome You here, Lord Jesus…”

May our hearts, mind and spirit always be willing to welcome Him.
Have a great Wordfilled Wednesday.

Join us Extravagant Grace and 160 Acre Woods.

~ by iemommy on June 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Wordfilled Wednesday – Hosanna”

  1. Yes, this was great!!! Love that song…

    Hope you’re having a blessed day♥

  2. Good One, love that song!

  3. I love this.

  4. Sometimes it’s very scary to say “come have Your way in me”. But if I don’t, it’s only MY way and I know from experience that way doesn’t work. Thank you – awesome!

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