Spotlight on “Ziploc Evolve” (Review)

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As the makers of Ziploc® Brand products, we’re committed to keeping your food fresh. But we’re also committed to helping protect the environment. Introducing Ziploc® evolve™ Sandwich and Storage Bags—they’re made with 25% less plastic* and manufactured using wind power. At home and on the go, Ziploc® evolve™ Bags keep all your meals and snacks fresh and tasty, so you can eat healthy while living a little greener.**

  • Made from a new resin blend using 25% less plastic.*
    Using less plastic means using fewer limited resources to make our bags.

  • Manufactured using approximately 50% renewable wind energy.
    The makers of Ziploc® brand products partnered with a wind energy supplier to provide the Ziploc® evolve™ manufacturing facility with renewable wind energy. Our wind energy provider has committed to supplying approximately 50% of the Ziploc® evolve™ facility’s estimated energy requirements on a yearly basis. Actual wind energy delivered could vary due to weather conditions, but is not anticipated to be any less than 45% of the Ziploc® evolve™ manufacturing facility’s total energy consumption.

  • Manufactured with less energy.
    Using less energy is a step toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Packaged in a 100% recycled paperboard carton, with a minimum of 35% postconsumer content.
    Using recycled paperboard means conserving more trees.



So what does this all mean to a mom? Simple….keep your food and your environment safer and healthier.

I live by sandwich bags. We use them for leftovers, lunches, snacks and we even use them as a quick way to carry vitamins or lotions while on vacation.

Now that my girls are older they love when I give them a little sandwich bag of snacks and a bottle of water. They think they are all set for the day and ready to go on adventures.

When you are a busy mom you may not have the time to haul newspaper, aluminum cans and bottles to the recycling center each day. Maybe you just don’t feel “green” enough. Now, thanks to Ziploc Evolve…you can make one small, simple step in the right direction to a “greener”, “eco-friendly”, “healthier” lifestyle.

I found the the Ziploc Evolve bags to be roomy and durable. They withstood the “twins” test without fail.  Ziploc has been a name that I have used in my home for years…now with the Ziploc Evolve I know that I am doing something to help my grandchildren too!

Ziploc Evolve one small step for moms…one big step for earth!


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**Information obtained from the Ziploc Press Kit and/or Website.


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