You Capture – Nature

you-capture-4Oh! I love this one! You can just click and click and click….all around..wherever you go. Here are some of my favorites. I think I may have sprained my finger from all that clicking. Some old, some new…I couldn’t decide.Hope you enjoy them!

Join the fun!

humannature“Human Nature”

colorsofnature2“The Colors of Nature”


“Birds in Nature”


“The Nature of Life in the Ocean”

oceannatureThe Nature of the Ocean


“The Nature of Wind”

banananature“The Nature of  Fresh Fruit”

fishnature“The Nature of Defense…the white little spots near their tails are actually little knife like gills that will pop out and shred an enemy…and “I” tried to touch them!


~ by iemommy on June 11, 2009.

11 Responses to “You Capture – Nature”

  1. Wow, the ocean picture is very powerful.

  2. Wow, these are all such great shots. Nice job!!!

  3. Great post, thank you so much for sharing these. . . Loved them! You know what, I’m 35 years old, and didn’t knew that bananas grew up! I thought that they grew from the tree towards the earth, not towards the sun. I guess that I never really paid much attention. Love the banana tree capture!

  4. Wonderful captures !

  5. great pictures as usual!!!

  6. Love the variety! Beautiful.

  7. Lovely, lovely!

  8. Wow! LOVE the turtle!

  9. the lighting on the duck picture is beautiful!!

  10. Great pictures!

  11. You did great on all of these!

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