Tween Website Launches For “Fun, Ambitious, Bright” Tweens is a one-stop-shop for tweens looking for a fun, age appropriate and safe home on the internet. FAB’s original and daily updated content includes: Health & Body features, Advice, Entertainment News, Book Reviews, Contests, Sports, Style, Charities, Quizzes and Games…all just for tweens.

Chicago, IL (Vocus/PRWEB ) April 28, 2009 — Tween website launches for “Fun, Ambitious, Bright” tweens.

In The FAB Lane

There’s a new tween website on the block that boasts some fun, smart and educational additions to the current slew of tween sites. In The FAB Lane (FAB) encompasses a broad spectrum of tween life from friends to tween celebrities to health and body, making it a one-stop-shop for tweens looking for a home on the internet. All of FAB’s content is original and updated daily.

In The FAB Lane is strictly for the tween audience and the safety of its users is the site’s number one priority. FAB was first conceptualized and created in response to a dilemma encountered by 13-year old Anna who said, “I wanted a place where I could talk, have fun and share with my friends online – but I wasn’t old enough to use popular social networking sites.” In The FAB Lane was created with this in-between age group in mind.

In The FAB Lane is limited to individuals under the age of 15 and requires verification from a parent or guardian before users can participate, making it a much safer environment than most social media. User’s guardians are updated with a monthly newsletter outlining the content and behind the scenes workings of the site and the continual steps it is taking to keep their child safe. Each user must approve any other user to be able to see the content on their “Your Space” page and has the power to delete, block or flag any user or portion of content that they find offensive or uncomfortable. In The FAB Lane reaches out to and works with the FBI Cyber Crime Unit on a regular basis and falls in line with the latest cyber security updates. All content and new user sign ups are examined by FAB Lane staff and users’ family members on the lookout for atypical behavior or content. In The FAB Lane’s content is carefully selected and edited to be appropriate for the age group it is addressing. includes the following sections:

  • Your Space- a section that each tween can call their own including writing a short bio about themselves, changing their status, background, managing and maintaining friends and writing about themselves. This is the tween home base on FAB. To view the Your Space page please contact FAB for media sign in information.
  • Advice Column- Our tween advice column is penned by Sandra Dupont MA, MS, MFT who tackles all tween-age bumps in the road.
  • Book Review- Tween only books are reviewed and given away bi-monthly.
  • Sports- A sports section for tween girls.
  • Vendor Spotlight- Tween vendors and designers are featured.
  • Did You Know?- Daily updated factoids for tweens.
  • Quizzes & Games- Fun games and original quizzes like What is your perfect summer vacation? and What should your ring tone be?
  • FABLife- Daily updated Style, Celebrity and Entertainment blogs; tween style.
  • FABBlab- A message board where tweens can blab about anything and everything.
  • Features- The home of our charities and other inspirational and motivational endeavors
  • Celebrity Your Space- A celebrity version of Your Space where users can get exclusive info on artists like the Clique Girlz and even leave free voice messages.
  • Health & Body- Where all of those uncomfortable questions are answered with the help of nutritionist Kristie Yaakoby.

In The FAB Lane launched on April 8, 2009 on a mission to provide girls with a smart, fun and safe place to be a tween.


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