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The inspiration for creating eco-friendly bags came while I was on vacation with mybg2551b family. In the summer of 2006, watched my kids play on the beach. Realizing how special these moments were and thinking about how fast my kids were growing up, I was struck by a thought. What can I do to help to ensure my children have a clean and healthy planet to enjoy?

Months later, our company started developing a new line of bags, designed with the environment in mind.

Our statement is in the bag.

…One convenient truth is that the small things make a big difference. Like a bag. Our bags, Ecotech and Ecogear, are made with planet-friendly organic cotton, PVC-free bg2570garnetmaterials, recycled plastics and toxic-free dyes and components. We’ve created eco-friendly bags minus the extra baggage of health and environmental risks**


Instead of commonly used and chemical-emitting PVC, we-ve created bags coated with EPO, a health alternative. For our Ecotech line, we use this patented system, called Ecoweave (EPO), which creates virtually no risk to the environment or to human health. The benefits of Ecoweave include:

• Toxic-freebg2668olive


• Chlorine-free

• No dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals

• Carries no ozone-depleting chemicals

• Clean to recycle—creates H2O and CO2 when burned

• Safe in manufacturing and consumer use** 



Sometimes you come across something that is so cute, so practical, so functional and so much fun that you just have to tell EVERYONE! That is exactly what has happened since the twins received their EcoGear EcoZoo Pig Tote.

DSC_0206First, I have to thank Monica for sending me a bag for each of the twins. Companies that take a moment to learn about me and consider the fact that I have twin girls when sending review products become instant hits in my book. In my opinion…it is a reflection of  a company that is willing and able to listen to the thoughts and ideas of their consumers. Thanks Monica!

The eye-catching EcoZoo Pig backpacks have been a hit from the moment the box was open. One look into this a charming lil’ guys big eyes and you are in love. My girls squealed when they received their EcoZoo Pig backpacks. They love to carry “stuff”. Whether the EcoZoo Pig is carrying their lunch or a bag full of Littlest Pet Shops…he has had adventures to last a lifetime.bg2848

The backpack straps are wide and cushioned to help protect kids’ shoulders and the front wood toggle clasp is easy for little fingers to maneuver. We recently took our EcoZoo Pig to the San Diego Wild Animal Park and we were consistently asked “Where did you get that?”. What a delight it was to share the ground-breaking philosophy of EcoGear and the indispensable view of the company.

Created using organically-grown cotton canvas, rope material, non-toxic dyes, recycled plastic components and wood accents our EcoZoo Pig is not only charming but good for our environment. With a roomy 14″x10″x5″ bag...the twins have plenty of room to carry all of their treasures.

With five sensational eco-friendly lines it is easy to find a bag, purse or backpack for everyone in your family.

  • The Lifestyle Series A continually evolving line of eco-freindly bags. These multi-taskers offer a PVC-free alternativee to an everyday bag.
  • The Kids’ Series Ecogear bags are named for endangered animals and are made through planet-friendly practices.
  • The EcoZoo Series They’re part pet, part toy and actually function as a bag for kids of all ages.
  • The Genus Series A line of rugged yet sleek and stylish backpacks and messenger bags made from Ecoweave, our patented PVC-free, harm-free coating.
  • The Recycle Series the Recycle Series is a truly sustainable option since the bags are made from recycled PET bottles!

The Garnet Snow Leopard from the Genus line seems like a dynamic “mom” backpack.  With an MP3 player pouch with port, ergo-padded shoulder straps and internal organizer pockets it appeals to my need to have everything organized.DSC_0208

I am a big fan of backpacks and messenger bags. With two kids, a husband and a very active life…the more room I have within my bags the happier I am.  While they are not yet out…I anticipate the introduction of the  Madtom and the Vireo.

There are a lot of companies that can claim they are “fashion forward” and there are numerous business that can state they are “eco-friendly”. When you find a consistent, flattering and well balanced marriage between fashion and eco-friendly. and add quality, durability and affordability…you have a winner!



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**Information obtained from the Eco Gear – Press Kit and/or Website.


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