Dancing with Maksim


The twins and I are going to dance away our mornings with Maksim, Cheryl and Kym. If you know who I am referring to then “kudos”. You are one of the hip, cool moms.

If you don’t then you need to swing by Dancing with the Stars and learn all about the incredible dancers. This is my utmost, ultimate favorite show. Probably because I have two left feet and can only dream of dancing that well. All the rhythm in my family went to my middle sister.

I ordered the cardio DVDs from the site and am dying to try them out. Rylan and Skylar love watching the show with me. They try their best to mimic the dance routines. It generally turns into a huge dance fest while the show is on. Even daddy gets in on the action.

When the DVDs arrived in the mail the twins were as excited as I was. I really am hoping that this will be something we’ll have fun doing together.  The last time I tried to work out with them was on the treadmill. Three people on one treadmill is not a pretty site.

I just know that I am going to get the instant, ideal dancer’s body with these DVDs.
Yeah right! I know a girls’ got to dream but at this point I just hope I’ll make it through without needing oxygen.

If you have tried these DVDs before let me know how they work. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated!


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  1. I love that show and I also like “So You Think You Can Dance.” Let me know how the dvds work out for you. Sounds like a fun way to get in shape!

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