Spotlight on “Rock Buds” (Review)




Men’s Designer Series – Earbuds that Rock!
Don’t settle for plain-looking earbuds when you can have RockBuds! Rock out in style with CamoRockBuds Inner Ear Designer Series made by chicBuds. These buds feature a built-in retractable device that’s not only tricked out with stylish designs, but serves a functional purpose too! The retractor allows the cord length to expand and retract to 5 stopping points… shorter for use on an armband and longer to reach an iPod on a belt. (The clip prevents cords from bouncing around). This compact retractable device also prevents cords from tangling when not in use. Rock out with RockBuds!

chicBuds electronic devices stand apart from other earphones not only because of the added sparkle and bling of the Swarovski crystals… but because each item includes a built-in retractible feature for ease of use and added convenience. This feature has 5 stopping points that allow the user to adjust the cord length for various activities. This prevents the cord from getting caught on surrounding objects during use…. and stops the cords from getting knotted up in a purse or gym bag. The added clip on the retractable device of the chicBuds and chicBabies also secures the product in place during use and doubles as a piece of jewelry for all to see. Compatible with iPod, MP3 Player, Walkman, Airplane Connectors, DVD Players, and Cell Phones.

How it works

1. Pull from both ends (earpiece and adapter) of retractable device at the same time. Cord will stop at five various lengths.
2. Do not pull from one side or cord will tangle.
3. After use, pull cord slightly on earpiece side and release. Cord will retract. You may also pull both ends of the cord until it locks in the last position, then pull again slightly and cord will retract.



RockBandI have long been a fan of ChicBuds and was delighted to have the opportunity to review a pair of Rock Buds.  I have to be honest and say that I didn’t review them but my husband did. He was more than eager to review the men’s series since he has read my past reviews on the ChicBuds and The Pink Tooth.

The same detailed ChicBud quality is apparent in the Rock Buds but this series has a bit of “edge” to it. A great masculine feel and a wide variety of retro, cool and rocker styles. Women can be swayed with bling and style but most men look for items that are indispensable, distinctive, practical and functional…ChicBuds knows what both men and women are looking for.

The Rock Buds Men’s Designer series not only has the qualities that men require but the added bit of dash, self-expression and sizzle that women are attracted to.

This Father’s Day give your husband or dad a bit of panache in their useful, dependable style….get him a Rock Bud and Rock on!



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**Information obtained from the ChicBuds/RockBuds – Press Kit and/or Website.

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